Interpreting the “officer as sexual abuse, sexual abuse as being” the true meaning

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a call tang the rice merchants, beefing up always envy Chen Yunchang, trying to get this task, they spent a large sum of money to master liu, bribery, been appointed as grain collector. Now he is happy, only to get rich is here, when the New Year’s eve had person, please write to a Spring Festival couplets: & other; Door collector heap jinbao/room jade product goods. Throughout the &;

according to Luo Dajing “the crane helinyulu, northern song dynasty yu zhang yong in chung Yang when the county magistrate, in one day happen to pass by the county library, is see library collectors from the inside out, grey edge wipes, hung with shiny things, caught his attention. Careful on see, is a lot of money. & other; What is this? Throughout the &; Zhang yong. & other; Library money ah, & throughout; Library collectors all not afraid, truthfully answer. Didn’t expect the young & other; Xi Ren Xia, learn fencing & throughout; Of the seven great grandfather temper pretty manic, immediately to follow him down, ridge staff. Part library collectors loudly way: & other; What a money enough? Can you beat me, but can also kill me? Throughout the &; Zhang yong a listen to more anger immediately ruled: & other; A money a day, one thousand, one thousand, constant hankering helps us, little strokes fell great oaks. Throughout the &; Then do it yourself, the sword to cut the library collectors, again declare censorate since disintegrated. This matter has been handed down in chongyang county for many years, said zhang master wants.

why the library tube collectors so proof? Officialdom has proverbs: & other; Officials throughout as sexual abuse &; , & other; Sexual abuse & throughout; For warehouse & other; Warehouse & throughout; The harmonics; For library library, it’s an open secret; And routinely are lords and eating beadle of the partnership, it happened that zhang yong and want to be official, and hot temper, not to accept this library collectors passed to him suggested that also overstep statutes could kill him.

avoid zhang yong this sword, the library of collectors, abound, general agent officer don’t touch this kind of person. Library collectors library of the most polite way is to misappropriate yaguan parilion creditors have lived; If it is physical storage library, are shoddy and submitted to the damage of cancellation of a variety of means such as. Why agent officer did not dare to touch the library collectors? You not to touch him, he can also assure you that you do it in the outgoing transfer when it comes to the accounts consistent with physical; If always inventory at any time, a firmly blocked his way out of the generative, then will get some color to you see see. If is corrupt, then can concentrate on making profits more, further do false accounts or inside job. In & other; No revenue officer & throughout; This item, the greedy master must have a library collectors as helpers. Of course, there are not enough skilled in turn ate library collectors kui, such as as Zhou Xuanhui the hengjing Lin Xu record book, the progress is a things happen during the yuan dynasty: long state county government libraries collectors Ye Jingchu collusion county Yin lu su, lu Yin county is more than ten thousand, note the use of such Ye Jingchu again according to its by the date and details, item by item, double fill in the Numbers, it’s all his own corruption charges attributed to county too ye. Wait until the ‘politics inexpensive visit of making the ombudsman to ji official behaviors, he put this fake accounts up a hand in, carrying the money run away by himself. The balance of the hole, all by lu county Yin pocket. This kind of thing to see much, states tend to get into the habit of an unwritten again, once has the library collectors of exposure in the hole, still have to try to hide from him and let him think, don’t push too hard, a coward, will turn out, most eat compensate is tired of the officer, you have to wipe a bottom for him, wipe clean, you can’t walk, don’t be officer fired. Think it is a layer of a layer of involvement is bearing, tube warehouse can not to be a good & other; Promise & throughout; ? It is no wonder that sexual abuse (warehouse) is better than officials said.

sexual abuse and not being (food), to produce more food room, because there is full of grain, drummed ChouHuan room is bigger than silver library material library. For an example of the simplest, changping barn 3000 al-hijr XianShu lay, to master the child.when food room since the said, this batch of grain has put in more than two years, some have mildew to change, should be cheap to get rid of, to replace 3000 Shi Xingu into the storehouse. According to the warehouse, it is allowed, master after approval, the usual food handling. Hence good valley also base filling valley to sell, but this is the price on the recorded in the accounts, balance between the accounts and net price, is a tidy & other; Promise & throughout; . From this example was extended again, don’t have a child.when you betray, with a master of the partnership, the 3000 al-hijr and sold it, the other to buy 3000 stone replace faulty goods coarse material came in. Next officials to meet print, 3000 stone material and can live up to 3000 books, lion & other; Eyes blinking, old hen duck & throughout; ?

but it also is an open secret in the officialdom, library book collectors food, therefore, has long been considered a gravy train. The cautionary tong said volume 15 introduced in kunshan county yamen, & other; The warehouse old routine, a collector tube two seasons & hellip; & hellip; The collector for a serval, everyone thought to tube & throughout; Conjured, and finally to meetings a & other; You can give classroom cast & throughout; Way, and leadership in class. Limited to system identification, to be an official disdain or not be able to handle these, but they stretch out his hand to get some money to use is zhang Ming. In turn, can handle this line, must also be a wily old fox, otherwise, too is prostrate. For example: when the qing dynasty, cultivated grain since the call Chen Yunchang, & other; Tube library of younger, old and more wisdom & throughout; . JiaShen (1884) winter, the new magistrate of a county of Liu Mouren, often asking him for money, not for cable in time, old liu rage, called Chen Yunchang fuck off, announced the other books to raise food. A call tang the rice merchants, beefing up always envy Chen Yunchang, trying to get this task, they spent a large sum of money to master liu, bribery, been appointed as grain collector. Now he is happy, only to get rich is here, when the New Year’s eve had person, please write to a Spring Festival couplets: & other; Door collector heap jinbao/room jade product goods. Throughout the &; Spring, the first sign fu, county magistrate liu fu in the tang dynasty, Tang Duan is called for each village professional again. At the time of system, is the spring and autumn period and the two times assignment, spring, forty percent, fall sixty percent. LuJiang people rarely have a kind of spring wheat, so old rule is by professional s food giants to borrow grain to pay this forty percent, wait for the fall to raise interest rates. This practice, as long as the food room in the library since of grain, collectors and the collusion of the professional good, is a rich, because in fact it doesn’t need to collect forty percent spring fu foot into the storehouse, where the time lag and spreads convert into money is considerable; In turn tell people, the exploitation is increased, but if you want to spend this, also can yet be regarded as pass. But don’t know the name is tang here the doorways, those colleagues and professional team is waiting to see his jokes, is ultimately spring fu close not to come in, Sir Drives fast and do, while & other; Tang big embarrassment, fill seal, lean production is insufficient of fu, without thought, but from the book, swallowed opium smoke to death throughout the &; (the clear barnyard grass class notes & middot; class professional service “). Problem is Tang Duan broke, liu magistrate also ate kui, originally virtual four spring the autumn harvest all of this coin, as usual, he divided into benefits, now not only can’t get benefits, also for food collectors value date of suicide will not come in all things, will certainly affect his KaoYu; If after the autumn harvest is at fault, sacked syndrome or loss myself have tired, I’m afraid.

the final outcome, it’s historical brief people don’t. But usually meet the rehabilitation measures of this kind of circumstance, only master liu Chen Yunchang please back again. Weaving is a network, he had had for so many years you not approach doesn’t break off, or zha call & other; This toward the delineation and throughout the world &; ?

to warehouse from the food and said well & other; Promise & throughout; There is salt. Salt producing areas generally states the county government, there are many salt room set up, run, folk salt, salt sinotrans jin business is China’s ancient salt monopoly, with this identity, the profitable is not difficult to imagine. Someone once imitate liu yuxi “intelligent” as a “humble collectors inscription”, specially the benefits of orgnaization of Syrian officers responsible for salt & ndash; & ndash;

officer is not high, there’s a name; Just not deep, have salt. Although ugly collectors, but is xin. White silk round pile case, color reduction into the scale green; There’s a company, and between all kitchen. Without the cranes, harp and carrots. No punishment money grate on one’s ears, a law form of debauchery; By far the dormant, or drunk bamboo west pavilion. Cloud: spring have?

in addition to these, every tour department, station, parking brake clearance, river and other agency and XianCheng, book commandant, learn the Xie such as agency, and special Settings, such as prisons, torture has since, call off collectors, called yi book, called the warder & hellip; & hellip; Also all & other; Ensemble, throughout the situation &; For the length gauge, the author will not introduce one by one.

(the “world government”, yuan zhao, yan hong shaoxing China press)