Introduction of continous mountain

continous mountain is located in the central, jiexiu city, Shanxi Province, 20 km to the southeast across the three cities and counties jiexiu, LingShi, qinyuan, thyme, subject in jiexiu city. With a total area of 294.75 square kilometers, the highest elevation 2566.6 meters, relative height above 1300 meters, a total of 14 big heart, more than 360 attractions.

continous mountain is a national AAAA level scenic area, mountain towering, scenic areas within the rock steep peak, GuHe deep. Emulsion droplet hive, longquan, wulong feibao is continous mountain spring water. Continous landscape contains many essential trace elements, is high-quality mineral water. Water 8 li tao ditch scenic spot, and the ditch water gurgling are wulong waterfall and dragon waterfall, the waterfall spray dozens of shapes such as the different waterfalls.

yunfeng temple

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