Inventory alternative restaurant: toilet meal prison rice kissing delivery (FIG.)

alternative term has a long history, in most people’s impression, it refers to the modern trendy and absurdity, is the traditional denial and betrayal. Some people think that life is full of freedom and the alternative of temptation, it lets people even deep contradiction, also cannot escape. Maybe it is because of this that diners can’t escape from temptation, to see that a lot of food and beverage merchants took a fancy to such alternative theme restaurant. After another city appeared a lot of this other restaurant, and whether this kind of restaurant is fashion, or commercial stunt, someone scold someone love, but if you want to go for a long time, believe that the quality of the food is the most important thing.

Beijing toilet-themed restaurant to enjoy unique taste

Beijing to a toilet theme restaurant near gates, again, we will be introducing alternative restaurant in the world. It is said to be in Beijing the first toilet theme restaurant, opened in urban young people demand. According to the owner, is to open a shop in order to give young people the place of a relief.

restaurant of the whole decoration is designed according to the style of the bathroom, the real toilet chair, a smaller version of the toilet and pan into tableware, clean the painting on the wall of various & other; Poo comic & throughout; , I don’t know is entered the five-star toilets, or entered the restaurant. And food is also let people by surprise, the realistic effect could be timid you give away, deserve to go up in the kind of scary, let you in on the auditory and visual preconceptions, and for food.

to use the toilet with curry chicken rice, the effect is really & hellip; & hellip; Very realistic! Brave enough to try, taste good, deserve to go up rice and side dishes, is really a large amount of money. The most explosive is shaved ice series, all in & other; Crouch hole & throughout; Inside, each with the name of a scary, & other; Internal bleeding & throughout; Then is strawberry shaved ice, add the fruit, red bean paste, fruit, ice cream, etc., sweet and refreshing, in the summer eat a full & other; Crouch hole & throughout; Is really cool! There are & other; Baby blue pull excrement & throughout; Kiwi is shaved ice & hellip; & hellip;

per capita consumption:

30 yuan

address: 91 Beijing xicheng district to Ann outside street (southern) gates stores