Inventory back magic moments: man’s funeral “resurrection” (FIG.)

after the death of childbirth: mom gave birth to the child, cardiac arrest, respiratory, but finally come alive.

mother gave birth to the child, cardiac arrest, respiratory, but finally come alive.

Beijing, May 28 (xinhua) comprehensive report, the potential of life can often broke out in death comes with amazing energy, tao & other; Life always brings miracle & throughout; , and the will to survive is against the god of death. Because the will to survive, it can make a stop beating heart recovery again, it makes a life then stand up from the coffin, it can make a shot through by gunshot head up again. This one & other; Coming back to life & throughout; Miracle is on our side.

pregnant women after birth baby production & other cardiac arrest; Back from the dead & throughout;

alina’s mother, erica 32 years old this year, in Missouri, Texas city high school teaching. In February this year, pregnant erika suddenly fainted when at school. After she was taken to hospital, her heart stopped beating. Doctors decided by emergency c-section, to try to save a child’s life. Technically, this belongs to delivery after death.

& other; The doctor told me that when the child is born, erica has no heartbeat. But I’m fighting a married, my daughter is also a fighter. Throughout the &; Erica’s husband bernays said.

after the child is born, the doctor decided to rescue erika. Let a person feel surprise, erica heart beat back soon. Doctors use drugs to induce erika coma for five days, and diagnosed with her cancer in hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.

alina stayed in the intensive care unit for two weeks after birth, but she has to suck the pacifier lie in her mother’s lap. Now she has grown to 3.62 kg, though still need to wear oxygen a cover, but the doctors say she has a full recovery.

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coffin ZhaShi: SangZe came out from the coffin at the funeral.

SangZe came out from the coffin at the funeral.

funeral man & other; Coming back to life & throughout; Relatives and friends have been surprised at

Brighton & middot; Da ma & middot; Central SangZe is 34 years old, live in Zimbabwe, worked for a transportation enterprise. 14, The Daily Telegraph reported citing SangZe, he nearly time feeling unwell, 5 of this month, was mistakenly thought at home & other; Death & throughout; . Family members the next day his & other; Throughout the body &; In the coffin.

a few days later, the relatives and friends for SangZe & other; Throughout the funeral &; . Lott SangZe where transport enterprise boss & middot; Yucca told reporters: & other; When people line up to see his body, I first noticed SangZe legs are still moving, startled. We immediately called the ambulance. This is a miracle, many people still can’t believe it. Throughout the &;

SangZe told reporters, he can’t remember how he & other; Death & throughout; And & other; Resurrection & throughout; , only remember woke up himself in a hospital.

& other; Every thing for me is a history, & throughout; SangZe said, & other; The only certainty is that people get together at my house, to mourn for me. But I’m still alive, feel good. Throughout the &;