Inventory bird “fly” to the countries on the flag, Uganda, Kiribati, etc

flag embodies a nation’s most proud of things, but the land, people and spirit, some birds are in this place. The birds fly above the national flag, not only related to local history and culture, has been considered as the embodiment of the national spirit.

however, a lot of flag bird is not a specific biological, but after the idealized broad concepts, such as Dominic the parrot and Mexican flag on the eagle on the flag. What’s more, it is fantasy creatures, such as the flag on the eagle head pigeon birds of Zimbabwe, Albania’s double-headed eagle & hellip; & hellip; And to ignore the human imagine god beast, let’s take a look at the real existence of the national flag of bird species.

Uganda, wetlands, crane

if Africa always give a person & other; Dry and little rain & throughout; Impression, then Uganda will definitely overturn your knowledge of African countries. The terrain is very high, although the equator through here, but Uganda and plentiful rainfall. Many lakes area together, fully accounts for 1/8 of the national territory, in the wetland. And the rivers and lakes shoals swamps, it is the paradise of the crown crane.

Uganda national flag and national emblem, and above the national bird & ndash; & ndash; Crown crane. Figure/Wiki Commons

in the national flag of Uganda, crown crane standing in represents the people, article 3 color of earth and the sun. As the national bird of Uganda’s crown crown crane crane called East Africa (Balearica regulorum), than live in the west African crown crane relatives of west Africa, East Africa crown crane feather color light a lot, the neck and shoulders are light gray feathers, so is known as the & other; Grey crown crane & throughout; .

since ancient times, people in Uganda the birds won’t strange & ndash; & ndash; ErSanShiZhi crown crane add up to a small group of, elegant gesture to walk on the grassland and marsh, and sometimes take it out for the fish in the water, or from the grass-roots pulled out a small snake, looked up to swallow. Crown crane gentle character and nothing suspicious in humans, always as a human neighbors, and lived in a village and towns nearby, even in the population expansion, wild animals, people can still see them in many large towns near the shadow mark.

according to the 2010 world conservation union (IUCN) red list, crown crane was placed on the & other; Vulnerable & throughout; Protection level. Figure/Wiki Commons

for Uganda, East Africa Dai Mian crane not only has the significance of & other; Common throughout the &; A. Crane attitude modesty, courtship dance and gentleman poise more dump, was originally a bird in the coats. This head crown crown crane have naturally become the coats are king. In ancient legend, and they have lost the human direction, saved the life of the emirates. Emirates grateful to the birds, please wizard for their permanent strip on the crown, as the continent’s most glaring birds.