Inventory Monroe engaging reasons: blonde, red lips, his lips nevus, tone (FIG.)

1948 is sexy in the history of the most memorable years. That year, Marilyn & middot; Monroe with nude photograph one film, when she du with a wide mouth, the whole world is in front of such candour, stark sexy dizzy. This give tease with not entangled, but temptation without meet, happy but not with dangerous and even became a part of the national symbol. Coincided with Marilyn & middot; 50 years after the death of Monroe this year, this kind of collective memory, and so did the fashion trend. Spring/summer 2012 fashion stage, in the 1950 s women’s agitation full resurrection. Whether it’s Marilyn & middot; Monroe scarlet and sexy lips or the outline of her gentle and graceful sexy, mid – high and elegant amorous feelings of the last century to make too many designers obsessed with it. Anyway, this is all through the good times and a perfect timing & ndash; & ndash; Salute to the ’50 s.


blond hair is a sign of Monroe. This is close to the cream light golden, eversion of the big wave, big volume and fluffy, close to the face of the hair into volumes, profile and the coma brain volume outwards, of course, also can to roll out again after, all messed up. There are countless others to imitate her hairstyle, but you will find that this one only belong to her.


in addition to the pure bright red, any kind of GongDou Monroe enough. This is a kind of flamboyant confidence that no one dare to rural flaming lips all day. Monroe’s red lip is not a, however, she said & other; I always try different color lipstick, women won’t change their appearance, but the subtle color can make interesting changes for you. Throughout the &;

his lips of nevus

a mole Monroe lips, not white jade analyzes, but a piece of peach blossom falls in the forest of a hummingbird. If there is no the mole, ten thousand kinds of amorous feelings is a kind of less, thousand namby-pamby also lack of the general. A smile a raised eyebrow, moles looms, a bit more playful and charm. The popular & other; Mole makeup & throughout; Is the point a amorous feelings of black spots on the face.


Monroe’s husband miller recalls & other; It was her natural gait. Footprints left on the beach in a straight line, the heel just step on the previous step tiptoe before, which makes her pelvis place to place. Throughout the &; It has been said that Monroe’s secret is to put the heels of a cutting 1/4 inch heel, strewn at random force made her swaying.


Monroe diction, bring some flat tongue end control of the tone, the strength of the sound, coupled with its own special & other; Baby sounds & throughout; Let a person can’t. “Some like it hot”, that a & other; Good night honey” , “flying phoenix” in her farewell with Laurence oliver, the sound like that honey, bone tender.