Inventory positive literary image: “man can conquer nature” Robinson (FIG.)

Tom & middot; Sawyer (” the adventures of Tom Sawyer & middot; mark & middot; Twain)

Tom & middot; Sawyer lost youth, adopted by my aunt. But the child did not reveal & other Sponsor & throughout; Sad breath, have a kind of free spirit. He loves a prank, but also integrity, kindness, courage; He identified the murderer in the village, surviving in the cave of adventure, also guide to find the treasure. This is a typical action is greater than the thought of people, and always can rescue.

lubin sun (” lubin sun Crusoe Defoe)

lubin sun is a typical literary image of the rise of capitalism. He after the shipwreck was put to a wild island, where then to build a house, grow food, domesticated livestock, manufacturing equipment, sewing clothes. Lubin sun lived on the island for 28 years, altogether has tamed a slave. His behavior to & other; Man can conquer nature & throughout; The idea of good comments. He said: & other; In total, it has been proved that unfortunately my current situation, is rare in the world. However, even in this situation, there are also some negative things or positive things to thank. Throughout the &;