Inventory with nature as the theme of jewelry works (map)


Wood, The Wood The first series is inspired by nature & other; Wood & throughout; From American designer Aaron Ruff. Aaron in a romantic way to render a old dreams. Like the trees a heart-shaped logo engraved on the part of the ring and necklace, middle is short for two sets of English letters. This series of sterling silver to build, can be customized according to customer specified acronym. It will be a best present for lover.

Richmond Park Richmond Park the series is called by oak Lin Qifa & other; Richmond park & throughout; From the Oak Fine Jewellery ornaments company Oak, embodies the tender feelings and enduring romantic style restoring ancient ways. Hand-carved leaves winding coil on your wrist, acorn was a branch naughty fell beside the oak leaves or golden ring & hellip; & hellip; The series consists of truly amazing beautiful jewelry, each with 18 k & other; Moral gold & throughout; Made by hand.

Carbon Carbon

Carbon is essential to life chemical element, is the inspired by organic matter and the jewelry series. Inspired by the texture of the organic matter to wax sculpture model, with a sterling silver casting, from these McGowan & amp; McClain’s work each is unique and strong durability. Finished all pass polishing, oxidation or gold plating.

Eva DeCarlo Eva DeCarlo design inspired by nature and the wonderful jewelry series using sterling silver, including flowers, plants, leaves, bark and other shapes. Beautiful flowers earrings, or the bark of the wide bracelet, or is the lotus shape ring, will undoubtedly attract the attention of nature lovers.

the Sea the Beauty of the Sea Beauty Swiss designer Philppe Cramer design the jewelry series of inspiration from Sea creatures and natural growth of crystal morphology. & other; The beauty of the sea & throughout; Selecting the biological and other organisms in the ocean of series as the creative resources, with the subject of jelly fish, coral and octopus, everything with gold, with silver polish again.

conch Shell Ring Ring this Shell Ring is by Philppe Cramer’s design.

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