Investigation shows that children’s reading tendency of entertainment girls mostly focus on fashion constellation

to read the way children are quietly changing, the latest of 2012 Shanghai children reading, according to the status quo of research into a pocket book, and switched on the reading, with the help of technical means such as Internet, mobile phones, micro reading, has gradually into the children’s reading & other; To be bestowed favor on newly & throughout; . Children, director of the center of Shanghai Yang Jiangding thinks, should focus on the reading, advocate diversified reading in children and adolescents, deep reading and reading complementary advantages.

new media provide the conditions for micro reading

recently, the Shanghai children’s research center in the city’s elementary school and junior high school questionnaire survey to 1400 students, the results show that the new media era, all kinds of new media have been home users have terminal, about 52.7% of households have the terminals, such as, electronic reader that contact for young children to read. Although desktops and laptops are still children on the Internet now main equipment, but the use of new media such as tablets, smart phones terminal online child also has reached to 47.9%.

presided over the topic of children’s research center of Shanghai research staff LuMin said, reading, is a kind of borrowing short message, short snippets and stylistic survival way of reading, pocket book, mobile news, weibo etc are representatives of the micro reading form. At the same time, the popularity of smart phones for & other; Micro reading & throughout; Contributed to that. Survey found that 70.8% of parents surveyed handsets can be considered smartphones, about 60.9% of children with exclusive mobile phone, among them, 33.1% of the total number of respondents children with smartphones.

only twenty percent of the children see pocket book

compared with lively scene a few years ago, pocket book begin to insipid. The survey found that only 21.9% of children often watch pocket book. Interviews also showed that the school teachers and parents to pocket books with curing impression, that is simplified classics or low-level boring, they do not support the children to read pocket books. By contrast, the use of new media terminal reading way gradually won popularity among young children, especially & other; Mobile phone short message (42.9%), microblogging (40.8%), books (32.7%) & throughout; The three categories.

however, young children to read the entertainment tendency is remarkable. No matter use which kinds of means, children & other; Micro reading & throughout; The characteristics of recreational, entertainment and wulitou is growing. Forty percent of the survey children play weibo, these children are the most attention on weibo content is: classmates friends (69.6%), fashion entertainment (58.2%), the horoscope (51.2%). Twenty percent of respondents said they would often read pocket books, comics, joke, horoscope for pocket book is children prefer categories, the proportion is 60.7%, 58%, 32.4% in turn.

the survey also shows that the same is the demand of entertainment, the choice of both men and women is slightly different. Weibo, pay attention to sports information more boys than girls in the (27.2%, 12.9%), while girls more than boys like horoscope (56.6%, 42.9%); There are more boys than girls read pocket books like game strategy (42%, 42%), and a joke (65.8%, 65.8%), while girls more than boys like watching horoscope (41%, 41%), romance (14.2%, 6.6%).

will micro reading guide wisdom reading

no matter active or passive, & other; Micro reading & throughout; Has been gradually formed for the children can’t resist the multiple effects. Facing the result of the investigation, the Shanghai children says Yang Jiangding, director of the centre for the study of each reading are also obvious advantages and disadvantages. & other; Micro reading & throughout; The quantity will never replace the quality of the deep reading. Therefore, we want to way of pluralism in the children’s reading, teach them & other; Deep reading & throughout; And & other Micro read & throughout; Combining method, guides them to on-demand, gradually to the intelligent reading.

at present, the research on the present situation of young children to read, is still in a state of fragmentation and rear. Children research center of Shanghai research staff LuMin pointed out that technology changes lead to children’s reading effects appeared two kinds of explicit and implicit, & other; Micro reading & throughout; Led to the recessive effect is more outstanding. In the survey, the children can not restricted by space-time login weibo, such as recess, rode to eat boring, double cease day, get up, or when you go to bed.

pku young minister Zhao Jingru stressed that schools should actively and social linkage, team organization, establish a mechanism for the multidimensional dynamic focus on young children to read. Multidisciplinary, multiple perspectives, to, multi-dimensional research reflect the children’s online reading needs, tool selection, reading the innovation, the application of reading strategies and reading psychology, reading error and so on. Only clear grasp of the children of the generative after reading state, to actively respond to and effective guidance, and promptly resolve moral crisis, triggered by reading to promote healthy comprehensive development of children and adolescents.