Is it true that the west door celebrate lewd? Even marry three ugly More like a businessman

west door celebrate

the west door celebrate to ordinary people’s impression is: philandering, lechery. See who beautiful he liked. All the beauty around you. Is this true?

“jin ping mei” the first time that the west door celebrate: & other; Since parents dead, sleep outside flower SuLiu specificity, provoke grass flaps. Throughout the &;

in other words, before the west door celebrate is not prostitution. In addition, his original wife and he lived for more than ten years, he didn’t marry a little wife. Is in the west door celebrate dad, mom, wife is dead, he only took 3 in a row, Mrs. There are two or a prostitute.

the following, we take a look at XiMenQingXin marry the three wives:

1. (wife) : 1st Wu Yuenian

in the first place, he and other Married county qinghe ZuoWeiWu thousands of women marry to a widower & throughout; . This woman, Wu Yuenian, small west door celebrate only two years old, married to the west door celebrate, unexpectedly still a yellow flower girl. And the daughter of the west door celebrate all teenagers, going to get married.

visible Wu Yuenian looks bad. According to the description of the book, she has a big face round doodle BaZi, like a basin. Big and white, so is & other; Surface such as silver bowl & throughout; . Eyes? The book says & other; Eyes are like apricot & throughout; . This & hellip; & hellip; Good-looking?

because she is the daughter of a large house, estimation is not too bad, after all, temperament, there again, nice personality. Just not beauty, looks like in general. Anyway, after seeing her appearance, other beauty without jealousy envy.

wu, director of the girl when wife, the highs, the good understanding. How can he took hear li zhuo, son this 2 a vile prostitutes?

some friends say, that you don’t understand, the ancients see & marry other DE & throughout; , concubinage & other; Appearance & throughout; Beautiful prostitute, marry to wife, a lot of ah, very normal.

but, I want to tell you, even by & other; Appearance & throughout; To theory, his two concubines of feminine beauty, also not necessarily better than his wife! You see & ndash; & ndash;

2. The second wife (I) : hear li

l hear the whore, she is a fat fat, pudgy, the body is very heavy, but also beautiful where? Others in the swing, she can only stand watching, not, lest broke. Short fat LiangSanBaiJin heavy & other; Beauty & throughout; , not always looks if fairy.

so why on earth is going to marry her? This is to & other; The cost & throughout; .

calculate by the cost of spending: marry than package, package is inferior to steal, steal as fuck. Fuck, it is the cheapest.

like hear li, up to fuck a few times also is enough. Don’t have to pack, more don’t have to marry. Home when his wife to marry a woman, that’s a & other; Long-term cost & throughout; Added a mouth, which means that home. Three meals a day, you can’t let her hungry.

a feminine beauty, no feelings, no three no identity, the west door celebrate why on earth is going to marry her? We look down from the original text, oh, the original is because her sister!

hear li’s sister, sister, the county is known for a mother, she is one of the largest leisure entertainment city county. Sing, wash, eat, drink, play, service one-stop, everything, every business is full.

compared to the west door celebrate pharmacy, that would be much better. West door celebrate marry a hear lee, cost-effective, although she fat no personal type.

the west door celebrate a part-time job in the outside, also put the official debt, huge profits, the rich aunt sister son will not invest?