Italian pianist will martial arts: Chinese children’s pursuit of skills

will martial arts pianist is Italy & other; Smart pan & throughout;

he is a pianist, he is a drunken master world champion, he is a model, he has been in “feiying woman”, “I know women heart” and so on the famous film, he is a pianist he is & other; Smart pan & throughout; (handsome) moreno & middot; Donald. He is going to open teaching in liaoning grand theatre concert news, a lot of people on this & other; Both civil & throughout; The pianist is full of curiosity. Yesterday, our reporter interviewed the who can speak fluent with Beijing dialect even Chinese pianist.

happy music

Chinese children too pursuit technique

teaching concert playing the edge above, will dilute the pianist played itself, but he is very happy enjoy communicate in music, Donald think that classical music is very close to people, he is willing to close the distance.

the mainland tour is one of the most brilliant & other The concert throughout the game &; Link, five audience choose five notes, he will improvisational music, this also let the audience sigh melody of magic, this link is also his & other Proud of & throughout; .

he since 1999 in the college of music as a piano teacher for more than a decade cultivating many Chinese students, & other; Chinese students don’t lack of skills, but should learn to look for the happiness of his music. Throughout the &; & other; Many Chinese students are pursuing & lsquo; Fast & rsquo; That fast is superior. Italian students pay more attention to sound and feel, the last is technology. As long as hard to fast, but the feeling is not anyone can find them. Throughout the &; He likes li yundi, & other; He has great music. Throughout the &;


music and martial arts let me & other; Sofe & throughout;

Donald lived in China for 13 years, at the beginning or martial arts and China become attached to him. He started learning to play the piano at age 6 and martial arts, Chinese teacher learning long fist, drunken master, etc., in 1998 years Chinese martial arts training a month, has been until now.

although cameo in the film and television play, but the main or piano and martial arts. He ran on both sides of China and Italy, now in China teaching piano and classical music, there are three months each year in Italy teaching martial arts. Music and martial arts, it seems that goes, but with Donald wonderful chemical reaction. He said: & other; Piano and martial arts, the static movement, also is in balance to me. Is the Chinese say & lsquo; & with rsquo; , & lsquo; Sofe & rsquo; . Throughout the &;


foreigners to study pinyin faster than the Chinese

his ability to adapt is very strong, less than three months in China, shopping, eating is completely can communicate in Chinese. In learning Chinese characters computer also help a lot. & other; Pinyin and English letter is the same, and see the pinyin is very easy to know the pronunciation, so quickly learned the computer typing, soon to also recognize the Chinese characters. Throughout the &; Yesterday he went to eat seafood and barbecue, & other; For the first time to come to shenyang, I also take a taxi to go out, chat with the driver. I have some friends in northeast China in Beijing, so think of shenyang is very kind. Throughout the &; The reporter lin-na wang

moreno & middot; Donald said Chinese kids to play the piano is always the pursuit of fast, but in fact, get the sense of music is more important.