Italian scientists study the oldest human blood body discovered found so far

according to the Reuters news agency reported 2, Italian scientists announced that they are based on body discovered & other; Otzi the iceman & throughout; Study, found is considered so far the world’s oldest human blood.

oates is 1991 in the border between Italy and Austria, the Alps, the bottom of the glacier was found to be the name of a body discovered, it is considered to be existing in the world today one of the oldest and best preserved body discovered. In recent years, are stored in bolzano, Italy & other archaeological museum; Otzi the iceman & throughout; Attracts many scientists to study. In a few days ago, Italian scientists say that by atomic force microscopy on & other; Otzi the iceman & throughout; A deadly wound tissue of carried out an observational study, found that & other; Otzi the iceman & throughout; Blood and modern human blood samples are very similar.

the scientists said in a report published in this, their research team using nanotechnology related equipment for & other; Otzi the iceman & throughout; Of the tissue, detection sensor on the surface of the cell organization point observation after drawing the 3 d images.

the team bolzano, Italy, head of the institute for mummies and the iceman’s Albert? Zink, said professor this is by far the clearest study record of human blood cells. Professor zink says, his research team found in the observation, and the modern human red blood cells, & other; Otzi the iceman & throughout; Red blood cells and concave disc cells. He also pointed out that the study’s findings may help to judicial authentication work and to the scene of the crime of blood identification to provide more accurate basis.

next, professor zink and his team wanted to & other; Otzi the iceman & throughout; The protein in cells and immune system, further in-depth study. Zink, says professor he hope to work in the research of this field can make greater progress.