Jack cause data processing: Ruth too fat if light 20 jins with one survivor (FIG.)

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recently, 3 d version of “Titanic” on the Internet have a topic effect continues to ferment, nut shell network of an editor using the physics formula derived of buoyancy, if Ruth can light weight 20 jins, jack climbed up the boards is likely to survive. Now, use science to explain the movie like that have sprung up in the wave a lot like trueer & other; Academic emperor & throughout; , also let the Titanic divergent thinking more rich.

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& other; Jack is really can survive. Throughout the &; At present, a relevant board floating forward funny pictures are being crazy on weibo, reality shows jack and rose in the figure how to coexist on a board, or even design a two people play CARDS, cool pose (see chart).

compared with these fun, & other; The school of science living & throughout; The analysis of more reveal the scientific spirit. 18, nut shell mesh edit & other; Master wu & throughout; Published a technical post, based on the estimation of stills, and connecting with the Archimedes law concluded that because of Ruth’s weight, survival on board can only hold one person.

in this paper, with the aid of stills, coupled with winslet (1.73 meters) tall and wrist width 5 cm (estimate), the size of the board is estimated to be 2.1 meters long, 1 meter wide, height is 2.5 cm above the water. Assumes that the buoyancy & other; Limit value & throughout; The wood surface flush with sea level, the buoyancy formula to calculate the board could also carry weight is 54.075 kg, about 110 jins, this is obviously greater than the height 1.82 meters of male leading role should be dicaprio’s weight.

and then, the analysis method of this kind of strange caused widespread interest on the net, the calculation method to get the recognition of many people. Netizen said: & other; Seems to stay in shape is quite important. Throughout the &;

scientific analysis lead & other; Throughout England &;

since someone use to explain science fiction movies, some people have the same rigorous attitude to asking why. So the above reasoning also attracted some retort, but most of these questions focus on is not the deduction details of factors into consideration, rather than for computing method itself.

low actual board has split the part weight of the jack

on behalf of Internet users & other; Throughout the desert solitary smoke – yaxshi &; : death reason pie or not enough reason, jack climbs the boards already half body, that certainly board has taken on some of the weight of the jack, should be in order to save the life of jack to calculate again. As the saying goes, & other; Save a life – made seven pagoda & throughout; Ah.

low the surface of the lake water is not

on behalf of Internet users & other; Spikespark” : in principle, in the sea is the waves, wave amplitude should not be less than 0.1 meters, lay two means that the two will keep half immersed, and people are not strange to soak in ice water.

low estimate of the wood surface height is too one-sided

on behalf of Internet users & other; 9 _sir & throughout; : to calculate the figure of floating plate surface thickness, Ruth’s position in the board of the head, center of gravity to Ruth, so Ruth to the head of the board must be sink more. Only Ruth’s center of gravity and planks overlap, the center of gravity of the vertical direction of wood from the height of the water can be used to calculate the buoyancy, it must be bigger than 2.5 cm, maybe to 4 cm or 5 cm.