James Cameron will supervise the sun tzu’s the art film 3 d part

internationally renowned director James Cameron will take Beijing international film festival of Chinese and foreign film cooperation BBS, but his interest is more than & other; Paper & throughout; , the relevant person in charge of the organizing committee of the festival, 21, said Mr Cameron will cooperate with Chinese film enterprise, supervise the manufacture of film sun tzu’s the art of 3 d part.

as fully display at the Beijing international film festival theme and positioning, one of the major events of the second Beijing international film festival will hold & other; Movie charm? Beijing BBS & throughout; Theme activities, by the international famous movie enterprise peak BBS BBS, movies, music, Chinese and foreign film cooperation BBS of three parts.

among them, & other; The Chinese and foreign film cooperation BBS & throughout; Consists of a BBS, in project fair, will further discuss the feasibility of the tune to elites both at home and abroad, discusses the development of Chinese movie film to the world’s duty and responsibility, and points out problems existing in process at the same time, the future of films in tune; Analysis on 3 d technology in Chinese movie role, in the process of the development of 3 d localization of cultivating professional talents, and its profound influence on Chinese and foreign film cooperation may be produced.

the relevant person in charge of organizing committee, said in the film “the seal of god the world”, sun tzu’s the art of Chinese and foreign partners signing ceremony will be held during the BBS. When the sun tzu’s Chinese and foreign partners signing ceremony will announce Cameron, Vince. 3 d part of the company produced pace of the film.

the Chinese and foreign film co-production project symposium is scheduled for April 24 & ndash; 25, held at the national conference center. Chinese film cooperation production company will according to the requirements of the government departments of the Chinese and foreign film in tune, from project selected 30 eligible for enlistment chinese-foreign film project, project related with 3 d technology, in particular, in the movie producer in China and foreign countries to establish the platform to discuss during negotiation, cooperation in order to promote Chinese and foreign film and Chinese film culture through cooperation and move towards the world. Chinese film production company, cooperation will be set at the scene of the negotiation table accept policy and content.

This year, said an official with the

related when choosing to negotiate project specially inclining to the 3 d related project, it is hope that we can focus on new and high technology. This year released “Titanic” 3 d version and the Chinese movie “longmen fly a” at the box office has achieved very good results, many moviegoers hope to absorb advanced ideas at the same time, also can have a better development in the 3 d technology.

& other; The international famous movie enterprise peak BBS & throughout; Will be invited to the world dozens of famous movie enterprise top managers to attend, including 11 BBS guest speakers from nine countries, will revolve around & other; The strategy of film enterprise core competitiveness & throughout; And & other Under the background of globalization of the film cooperation opportunities to explore & throughout; The thesis. BBS through national film exchanges between enterprises, enhance mutual understanding, promote more inclusive, more popular film of the global cooperation and development of the enterprise. BBS based on global vision, is committed to building the dialogue channel of film companies at home and abroad, establish the platform of cultural interaction and fusion, improve the industry cope with the challenge of international cultural innovation power, the common development of global film culture industry to seek new opportunities.

movie music BBS will invite domestic and foreign famous movie music creators, producers, directors and film critic, around & other; Explore light and shadow in the beauty of the music & throughout; This theme, combined the actual film music creation experience, discuss the Chinese and foreign film music creation and the present situation and trend of development. In addition, BBS will also discuss the movie music indispensable status and role in world movie history, strive to become the accelerator of film and film music development, enhance the international influence of film music. Speakers including South Korea famous movie director guo in capacity; Chinese famous composer and conductor tan dun, etc.

& other; charm Beijing BBS & throughout; Activities highlight the characteristics of high-end property, international, professional, aimed at gathering the most famous film, film, set up the richest forward-looking themes, set up the Chinese and foreign film culture communication and industrial cooperation platform for the high-end quality, to discuss how to enhance with the rest of the world’s film exchanges and cooperation, create a film development opportunities and push countries to achieve mutual benefit, cooperation and development.