Japan announced 2012 words “I wild enough?” Winning awards

3 December, Japan 2012 & other; U – CAN new threads & middot; Popular awards & throughout; The selection results. O have won great prizes in the graph is funny male artists Chinese fir (left) and rounding out the top ten swimmers matsuda zhang will attend the ceremony. (photo: kyodo)

news agency kyodo news agency reported on December 5, reflect this year Japanese poet & other; U – CAN new threads & middot; Popular awards & throughout; The selection results. 3, funny male artists, Chinese fir idiomatic jokes & other; I am wild enough? Throughout the &; Won the annual buzzwords.

Chinese fir in front of the result once & other o Wild & throughout; Said: & other; If can get awards, I will disappear from the entertainment circle. Throughout the &; Awards announced after he disclose it said & other; Really very happy, let me stay for a while & throughout; .

means the elderly own conduct funeral die preparation activities & other Eventually live & throughout; The term is also included in the top ten buzzwords. In addition, related to the chaotic politics & other; Throughout the reform &; , & other In the near future & throughout; And & other The third pole & throughout; Three words. & other; Throughout the reform &; From this year’s popular attention & other Japan’s reform throughout the &; ; & other; In the near future & throughout; Refers to the prime minister noda made & other; In the near future & throughout; To dissolve the house of commitment of their cash procrastination behavior; & other; The third pole & throughout; For the third forces in the campaign.

in the top ten buzzwords and is famous for the Tokyo sky tower & other Tokyo Yin & throughout; And this year won the Nobel Prize in physiology of medicine in the mountains, a professor at the university of Kyoto stretch “development & other; IPS cells & throughout; .

the abbreviation of budget airlines & other; LCC” , climate are words & other; A bomb depression & throughout; , male swimmers matsuda zhangs said aim at London Olympic Games & other Can’t let appearances) empty-handed & throughout; Also to be included.

as one of the judges and song writer Biao Wan Zhi said, & other; This year there are a lot of words related to the political. I’d like to, perhaps because more and more people are concerned about politics. Throughout the &;