Japan “leftover women” not afraid “left” : dare to secular is independent of the era of progress

one of the symbols of a society multivariate enough is that have a batch of women dare to independent of the secular vision,

no will, no complaints, according to the wishes of her inner life truly

was born in 1958 S of the miss Chinese very good, look not beautiful, no defect, as little eyes, a smile is narrowed into a line. If according to the standard of the Chinese people, she is older & other; Leftover fighters & throughout; .

20 years ago, japan-china friendship Spring Festival get-together in Tokyo, she worked as translator for me. At that time, she is 33 years old, I asked her why she didn’t get married? She laughed, and very calm ground to say: & other; The nice men are another woman robbed! Throughout the &; It took her & other; Rob & throughout; The word. I said: & other; You should also be unmarried men to admire in the heart attack! Throughout the &;

she smiled and shook his head said, on the one hand, the Japanese hectic work, have no time to love. On the other hand, the people you meet at work, after the polite greetings, exchanging business CARDS, generally will not take the initiative to call each other, because it will give a person with & other; Not stable & throughout; Impression. In Japanese society, these and other Walls & throughout; Also hampered workers actually mating.

& other; Chinese society is not so much good ah! Throughout the &; She is a pair of envy.

later, when she come to China with a few friends, my family commissioned her Tokyo bring me some items, I am a bit busy, please a young friend put my things back from her. In the long run, she and my friend had met.

S miss Chinese is very good, they didn’t have the language barrier, often on the phone. It is a very good Chinese men, various conditions is only 3 years younger than her. I asked her, don’t mind if he is younger than you? S miss smiled, eyes narrowed the completely: & other; How could I mind? This is my happiness! Throughout the &;

in order to facilitate meeting, miss S came to a Japanese company in anhui province, hefei, enjoy the happiness of love. She said, if he is willing to go to Japan, can give him to buy a car, and to provide some money for career development.

all seem to be moving in the right direction. But I don’t know why, they finally failed to enter the kingdom of marriage & ndash; & ndash; This is more than a decade ago. Later she and I in Tokyo sakura talked about it in a coffee shop in the new town, but she refused to speak to break up reason, just saying: & other; Here are the two personal things, he and I shouldn’t comment on what the?? Throughout the &;

this is Japanese women’s culture & ndash; & ndash; In our society, too often staged two people after break up all the blame on each other and open to scold war then silos of drama.

but even so, S still not miss too much psychological pressure, the Japanese are too busy, many people still don’t get married. & other; I still have a few good friends and good friends meet all telephone, also can stave off loneliness?? Besides, you know, the Japanese people are workaholic, work what all forget! Throughout the &; She said.

not long ago, I accidentally met miss S streets in Tokyo. She is 53 years old, still unmarried, but looked radiant.

face was flushed, she told me, she is an institution in the study of dunhuang studies, it sounds very abstruse, but very interesting, has fascinated her.

I joked, & other; You are married to dunhuang studies? Throughout the &; She said: & other; I fell in love with the dunhuang studies, it is true! Throughout the &;

in age, have a desultory economic basis, so obsessed with life interest, S young lady not married is not really important. Perhaps, one of the symbols of a society multivariate enough is that have a batch of women dare to independent of the secular vision, not on, don’t complain, according to the wishes of her inner life truly.