Japan mysterious spy force exposure more than Japan’s prime minister didn’t know

Japanese media reported Wednesday, since the last century & other; Throughout the cold war &; Period, there is a highly confidential, in Japan’s ground self defence force secretive spy forces, responsible for collecting the overseas multinational intelligence. According to Japan’s defense ministry officials and the spy force before the members, for the existence of the force, Japan’s prime minister and defense minister more also.

28 kyodo news agency quoted the defence ministry intelligence headquarters, a former head of news source reported that under ground self defence force of this special forces team set up base in overseas multinational, including Russia, China, South Korea and Poland. The former director, said the ground self defence force has an intelligence forces, dozens of members by false identities in overseas intelligence gathering. A former members say, inside the ground self defence force, the spy forces also very mysterious, all members to a school on the outskirts of Tokyo’s ground self defence force to finish the training course, training classrooms completely closed during the day, the school principal cannot enter. Fact, all participants will receive a number of training, including target, seepage and monitoring. After training, the fact spy force people become a member, from now on & other Isolated & throughout; . According to kyodo news, since there is no legal basis, the current is not clear that the relevant institutions how to raise the expenditures of a spy.