Japan sinks the author komatsu left Beijing: fukushima nuclear disaster is a disaster

Dai Zheng the special press coverage to the sinking of Japan is famous in literary world famous science fiction writer komatsu left Beijing at 4 PM on July 26, 36 points died from pneumonia, aged 80. For komatsu’s departure, famous science fiction cartoonist Matsumoto zero and exclamation: lost such a dream bring us great pioneers, feel matchless loneliness.

during the letters Italian literature department at Kyoto university, komatsu left Beijing often communicate with writer takahashi and third, to participate in literary activities. In 1954 after graduating from college, he worked as a professional newspaper reporters, civil engineering site supervision, wrote a crosstalk script. Early in 1961, hosted the first session of the study of sichuan science fiction contest, komatsu left Beijing to “building peace on the earth” to award, which took to the road of the science fiction writer.

since then, komatsu have left Beijing published about life in the ruins of the surrounding the city of Osaka & other; Eating iron gens & throughout; “Japan apache”, as well as the day of resurrection, is at the end of the endless rheological and other important work, to enrich the idea of exploring the future of the human and the modern civilization, become Japan develops the pioneer of science fiction.

komatsu left Beijing spent nine years time creation of Japan sinks “published in 1973, set up, fixation of the sales record of 4 million volumes, is Japan’s post-war first best-seller. “Japan sinks in the 27th reasoning writers association award in Japan, of the Japanese archipelago sunk in scientific reasoning, & other; Match the master’s thesis can & throughout; .

komatsu left Beijing five years ago told the yomiuri, called the distance & other; One hundred million die & throughout; War for more than twenty years, people immersed in the high-speed economic growth optimism, he wrote “Japan sinks” purposes, just want to let the Japanese again face to face with the destruction of the crisis.

komatsu left Beijing really is a Japanese science fiction writer in the most suffering consciousness. Published in 1985, “capital disappear” brought him a Japanese science fiction prize award; In 2006, he co-authored with the Japanese science fiction writers club President GuJia state of Japan sinks the second “published, the novel mainly describes the Japanese & other; Lost land & throughout; After the fate, by public opinion as to the national sense of crisis to an extreme.

“sankei shimbun” reported that after the great east Japan earthquake occurred, komatsu said left Beijing & other; Fukushima nuclear disaster is a disaster & throughout; , & other; Disasters throughout the ideas of national defense &; Became his last words. & other; I was 80 years old, it doesn’t matter when will die, but the future will be like Japan & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &;