Japanese artist takashi murakami talk about art and money: do art is to make money

takashi murakami’s works

by the guangzhou art museum, Japan international exchange foundation, 53 hosted the Japanese consulate general in guangzhou & other Painting: Japan in the 90 s painting & throughout; On March 2, 2012 to March 25, held at national art museum of 53 in guangzhou. This is since 2011 in Beijing, liaoning, chongqing and other places of the country after the tour, the last leg of the domestic circuit. Participate in the exhibition of the artist takashi murakami, nara, will also, xiao Lin xiao gen, ryoma GuJia high, aso qian hui hidden, frontal Tian Xuanyan, fukuda meilan, maruyama straight. For the younger generation, heavily influenced by Japanese anime culture can catch a glimpse of the original style of the grand masters.

takashi murakami is a dazzling star in the star of the artists themselves, he was influenced by Japanese anime and western pop art, and focus on otaku culture and lifestyle of post-modern art style & ndash; & ndash; Super flat (Superflat) founder of the movement. Called & other; One of the world’s most familiar with the Japanese tide artist & throughout; , & other Japan’s Jeff & middot; Koons & throughout; And so on.

takashi murakami and fashion Louis vuitton brand cross-border cooperation, to create the classic & other; The cherry blossom series & throughout; Handbags for Louis vuitton to create the hundreds of millions of dollars of wealth, has been a model of perfect combination of art and commerce: this series of CherryBlossom are fans nicknamed & other; Cherry package & throughout; Women, let the whole world. Takashi murakami with 33 kinds of color, the image of the original classic but a bit old mature instantly converted into a colorful and elegant.

at present, the art of unavoidable problem is it’s relationship with money. As the ancestor of pop art, Andy & middot; Warhol also had a & other; Making money is art and working is art, the success of the business is the best art & throughout; For art and commerce related conclusions. Once upon a time the art must be pure, not from any commercial breath. But Mr. Murakami’s uniqueness is that he dared to talk about money, even naked said: & other; Art is to make money & throughout; .

so he works with the concept of marketing management and artistic creation, the Japanese anime, perfectly into the visual field of the west, aimed at the European and American rich collectors, flavor and taste, to create works. The image in the works, such as sunflowers, beautiful girl of them, like Louis vuitton handbags logo, has strong symbolic. He likes to controversial, elaborate Versailles exhibition attract popular protests in France, but at the same time, expand the Versailles, spectator flow also increased their HuaJia. He frequently and luxury brands, star big mergers, established his fame and status in the world of fashion. Under his elaboration, prices rising year by year, a record at present Japanese artist single work unit price.

takashi murakami’s success is a so-called efficient mode of artistic creation, efficient means that art can be quickly converted into capital. From the Angle of fame, from the perspective of business, he can say is a highly successful symbol.

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nara’s works “the little red riding hood”.