Japanese centenarians female poet passion no less: “even if the ninety – year – old also want to love”

Japanese centenarians poetess wood ford

the old wood ford is not only the hundred – year – old oldest old, still at alls & other; Rising star & throughout; , she is still full of passion for life, she wrote: “in the poetry & other; Even if the ninety – year – old, also want to love ah & throughout; . She since 2009 have published two books of poetry, total sales of nearly 2 million copies.

poetry sold nearly 2 million

shibata late 2009 published the first book of poems “don’t be discouraged, join the Japanese best-seller list top 10, 2010, sales of more than 1.5 million copies quickly.

“don’t be discouraged”, included 42 poems, including “everyone dreams of equality”, “easy”, “not to rush” and so on. Shibata said, these poems is to show care and care for his people’s gratitude.

10th Japan’s kyodo news agency quoted Mr Shibata said: & other; Because there are a lot of people love, just have now of oneself. Throughout the &; She had an interview with Reuters also said: & other; I live for today, thanks to family, friends and caregivers, and the doctor’s care. I’ll appreciate into verse, tell them: & lsquo; Thank you, I really happy & rsquo; . Throughout the &;

shibata’s second book of poetry the publication of hundreds of years old this year from best birthday, has been more than 40 copies sold. She joked, & other; Write poetry without care about their age. See written book, suddenly remembered I already 100 years old. Throughout the &;

92 – year – old began writing poetry

shibata, who was born in wood county, Tokyo big air strikes when the second world war, she held the sucking child escape, after the war left a lot of hard life miserable memories, but she still satisfied to say & other; Very happy & throughout; .

shibata has obsessed with Japan traditional dance, but with age growing, low back pain, had to give up. 19 years ago her husband died, she a person at home in the suburbs of Tokyo. At the age of 92, she began writing poetry under the son’s encouragement.

& other; First poem becomes type, I am very happy, & throughout; She said, & other I again to send you a poem, a newspaper published, so I just kept writing. Throughout the &;

she said, her inspiration often while lying in bed or sitting at home. & other; See different memories in my mind: the past, my family and life now. I immerse yourself in the memories, draw inspiration from the memory and written in verse. Throughout the &;

put side mirror lipstick

although is hundred – year – old, shibata is still full of passion for life, at any time in the side mirror and lipstick. She believes that life is just beginning, footsteps never stop the pursuit of beauty. Shibata also expressed in poetry “the secret” girl’s feelings: & other; I fall in love. I also have a dream. I want to fly in the cloud. Throughout the &;

shibata’s poetry has inspired many people. In a 70 – year – old readers to shibata said: & other; You give me the courage of life and dreams to carry on. Throughout the &;

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