Japanese director kore-eda: focus on dark apologetically challenge ethics

kore-eda’s film is beautiful, more attractive to the lens of the deep breaths. Such as “distance”, the edge of the lake is distant mountains and the sunset, have been to Tokyo all poisoned a cult girl sat on the pier playing water, accidentally fell into the lake, shoes for her cult lads politely to help her pick it up. After a while, she asked him, & other; The opposite there is no attachment? Throughout the &; Which lowers the head with a smile, almost shyly said: & other; Is that there is no attachment. Throughout the &;

time flies, once known as Japan’s best & other; Youth & throughout; Director of kore-eda, also the difference a year it is 50 years old, and as his fans, I have been in recently bought he was released in 1995 the first feature film plot “magic light” CD & ndash; Thought of course it is not his style on the most mature, most comfortable on the structure, the most perfect works on technology, but his aesthetic idea and attitude towards life is not left, flabbergasted “to the best of a, so the film really hits the spot. In this sense, only the illusion of light like jia zhangke “small arms”, “peacock” gu, David & middot; Lynch “rubber head”, “blood simple,” the coen brothers, if you want to fast quasi malicious style fundamental understanding of their respective directors, to look at the plan to already a long time, blockbuster virgin feature films.

the first of many director, at most previous works great, and he just like trouble by something dirty quickly back, examples are “taste of green papaya” tran, the rainstorm will be mirko & middot; Meters, cutting, “love is a dog niang” and lisandro & middot; Gonzalez & middot; Figure in krajina, etc, and, of course, the individual is one of the directors of extreme, they pay to her acting is like a cliff backwards, such as the promise of Chen kaige and zhang yimou, the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games. The director of this tragic emerge in endlessly, pat before debut by suppress too long and too hard is not the primary reason, also not all talent is not enough, but to change the style of desires magic emerging and increasingly hard to shake, until you have to put them into practice. Based on the system by the lure of harness and market produce & other; Desire to change the previous style & throughout; , so low-level examples in it is to see the film as an art director is unusual, in more people to do so stems from & other; The superego & throughout; Ambition and thinks he will be seventy-two change of confidence.

looking back, almost all the master director a consistent in style, they can change the subject or, use different temperament of leading lady, even subversion previously with the method of the lens, but the aesthetic essence and take this opportunity to show the values of the place, always don’t says tal and hou mai, even godard. Of course is not to say that with changeless should change the code of conduct can always make the more shoot more good movies, but at least won’t suddenly become unrecognizable, is difficult to see.

from the “magic light” to the last month of “miracle”, kore-eda solid step by step to build their own aesthetic model, and this model clearly in the traditional Japanese film’s blessing. The Japanese literature has always been: & other; With traces of how difficult problem, that is, has yet to reach level & hellip; & hellip; Even if again difficult things, also should be able to use the most simple way. Throughout the &; This sentence, is adapted from the novel of the original author of “the phantom of light miyamoto teru self requirements for writing. So, from tianjin until today, kore-eda river wrasse, surprisingly, and straight & hellip; & hellip; They are all in silence, to the role of dramatic plot, as a white space fixed lens and the boring daily life forever, to explore and explain our inner space.

more than that, slowly behind is abrupt, behind the norm is impermanent, it is in the picture that vast tracts of beautiful natural scenery behind the lens, the total hidden cruel side of life is hard to explain. This deep inscription in the Japanese aesthetic tradition. “Magic light is a case in point: yumiko and small YuFu is loving husband and wife, gave birth to a boy, three months old husband throwing themselves in front of children & ndash; Based on this the whole story. Yumiko don’t know why YuFu in so doing, she remarried and moved to a remote fishing village, northern new husband was kind to her, but she still on the verge of collapse due to can not find the ex-husband isolation of reason. Male at the end of the film, people on the beach ran away to find his wife, said to her, he made his life fisherman father alone at sea for several days, will see the light from the sea, is difficult to ban the lure, & other; How much life always meet this light & throughout; . Well, this is the final interpretation and the origin of the title.

death is kore-eda’s motif, especially for the death of the relatives of the dead is unreasonable, the sudden death, and difficult to break, and the dead already, but to suffer for these dead and alive to disengagement & ndash; Water underground poison “distance” to Tokyo after the suicide of the four cult members for their loved ones, lost due to save drowning in the steps on the eldest son of old parents, unequivocally and face death; He will die in the other work shop is unbroken, and the significance of “unknown” mothers regardless is the death of her departure, “air doll” doll, even if have a heart and action, also can’t interfere with her all along is dead, or she didn’t know that eventually all flesh of man for her is dead.

& other; Abuse of heart & throughout; Japanese anime, through seemingly irrational, unexpectedly, the story of the characters & other; Abuse & throughout; To achieve the purpose of the sadistic readers heart, two people love each other under the premise of one party to the other side of the injury or self-injury is the standard practice of abuse heart & ndash; “Magic light there is no doubt that not only accords with a condition, but also the top version of the abuse of the heart. Degree caused by two aspects: the abuse of it is this kind of damage there is no reason to, regardless of the abuser, abuse or the author are not clear & other; The light in the sea & throughout; What is light; 2 it is to do what it can for the whole movie render out slow quiet atmosphere of peace and warmth affectionately, in everywhere, is a romantic details of real life, all of a sudden overflow out blood & ndash; Such as “magic light before her husband committed suicide in the bicycle carrying his wife jokingly freckles on her face to talk about the latter; Such as “unknown” in the oldest continuously stirring the pot hot curry, waiting for the abandoned their mother came back.

abuse heart with Michael & middot; ) for the type of against humanity, angered by the audience, provoke public morals to clarify motif method is different, may also be Yin black despair, but it’s not violent & ndash; Don’t even ugly, unobtrusive, not force, but subduction, slowly, amiable, littered apologies. This is the difference between the eastern and western cultures.

kore-eda’s film is beautiful, more attractive to deep breaths of the lens, such as “distance”, in the lake, the distance is the mountains and the sunset, have been to Tokyo all poisoned a cult girl sat on the pier playing water, accidentally fell into the lake, shoes for her cult lads politely to help her pick up, after a while, she asked him, & other; The opposite there is no attachment? Throughout the &; Which lowers the head with a smile, almost shyly said: & other; Is that there is no attachment. Throughout the &;