Japanese edo period was popular naked mix Since the national behavior is affected

back in one hundred and fifty, naked in the Japanese edo period is really doesn’t matter, have a picture to prove it. Painting is German Heine 1854 pictures of the cultivator, public baths, 20 a person as if men and women there is no gender, mixed in with bath, although body especially female breasts look like westerners. Heine twice her fleet to Japan, drew four hundred sketch, which is attached to the report submitted to the government of the United States navy prefect M.C. Admire Richard command in 1852, 1853 and 1854, the United States, China sea fleet and Japanese expedition to record “. Report a cloud: the Japanese people are polite, very polite, but has a habit of surprising. In a public baths saw men and women both to literally into, don’t care about each other’s naked. And low identity of Japanese, morality is better than the other eastern countries, but beastliness. Needless to say, moral or not, standard is totally admire managers at his own, that of western ethics.

saw the Japanese bath, naked openly, most westerners contempt they are the most shameless people in the world, but also some people appreciate, say they are as pure as the Adam and eve in the garden of Eden. Mix bath is Japan’s national life habits, at least in the edo period normal and common. Is not about identity, even quite have the identity of the person in front of the family, my stick to ask foreigner, how to say English. Are now common don’t pee in poster, just warning men, but in the past, the young woman has put urine skirt is placed on the side of the road. Wash 淂 full-bodied refreshed and even naked on his way home, streaking nor people’s attention. Men work is a cloth of mawashi, called themselves.

thought now Japan is still such, even fantasy, is out of time. The end of the edo period, reform in 1791, one of the content is to stop men’s and women’s bath, transforming social traditions, then also ban for many times. Meiji government was about to take off into Europe, more feel blush with shame, to mix and naked lunar calendar in July 1868, edo, renamed Tokyo next month and it is forbidden to mix bath, the reason is that the foreigners faux pas. Banning naked by 1871, the reason is that foreign very little respect, national pride. Ricksha boys wear outside existing, ZaoTangZi sexes, veil the nude, the Japanese started to shy, also have a sense of shame. Hidden naked improves the Japanese women’s sexy, it’s the Meiji government as starting material. Secular face fast, in 1895, black Tian Qinghui painter created woman nude “morning makeup”, foul wave viewers laugh, shy woman glance away, the emperor plagued exhibition, a cloth to cover it up and launch broadsides at a media tacky, the Japanese have so a sense of shame. On cultivating shame media like government, spare no efforts.