Japanese ghost culture researchers, revered by the Japanese god status is very low

have to admit that, in the field of horror film, without the right of the Japanese. Famous Japanese ghost culture, the researchers said now was revered by the Japanese, the god of the original position is very low (that is, now say ghosts). Later with the ruler, awarded to a god status to improve, embraced by later generations.

this is to understand why there are so many of the ghost worship activities in Japan, also explains why politicians keen to worship the devil.

Japanese television newscast released a called & other; Lying countries around the world & throughout; The ranking list, Japan ranked fourth, love lie countries in Asia.

in our daily life that a person does not tell the truth, with a mouthful of lies, usually referred to as nonsense bullshit. The ghost and lying on this point, Japan finally found the point.

, after all, be torn by our own colours, after all, it’s not a face. Then took South Korea temporarily, accusing South Korea concealing facts, fabricated lies in historical education, even the origins and cosmetic surgery has become the evidence of lying.

this is somewhat bitch rascal, if not in Japanese history textbook on the history of aggression, which disputes and textbooks. If Japan’s early historical facts to apologize to the Chinese, the holocaust will not be between China and Japan should not cross the red line. If Japan to recognize the destruction of the implementation of Korean comfort women, also won’t let this problem into a set. If sincerely admit that the diaoyu islands is a part of China, there would be no territorial disputes between China and Japan now & hellip; & hellip;

but assuming that only the parties a wishful thinking. Japanese politicians have not confidence to admit their mistakes, because somebody means no longer to lust for power. Then, after the fukushima nuclear power plant accident, the actual circumstances of the nuclear reactor was repeatedly hide. Yukio hatoyama promises to moved us military base outside the county, but eventually. Mr Abe on whether to join the TPP repeatedly, let people experience what bead jade words how to go broke.

recently, the trend once again, the phase ono temple five typical am: & other; Whenever the history review of east Asia in the past, China’s domestic chaos cluster, in the confusion, and its border disputes occurs adjacent region. Throughout the &;

the LDP’s annual action plan & to other Inheritance & throughout; Visits to the yasukuni shrine, traditional & other; Mourning those who lay a foundation for the country & throughout; And to the pursuit of peace.

Abe promised, if I am far, then, is the far-right national all over the world.

the truth of history has been a debate the best annotation of them Japanese politicians. & other; Disputes & throughout; , & other The pursuit of peace & throughout; And & other Throughout the world far &; That is not worth moreover, faster does not help politicians that turn over a new leaf.

sticks can take over. Have people admit that the Japanese politician’s speech to nonsense bullshit, it verified the adage, still lie short legs walk is not long. If intentional change this image, really from politicians began to change. However, it was really difficult.