Japanese guy to travel around the world bicycle wuhan netizens relay find stolen car (FIG.)


11 late February 20, 2012, the Japanese to Chinese tourists heyuan rev ichiro bike theft solved, stolen bicycle has been recovered. (eastern IC exclusive photos please do not reprint)

on February 20, 2012, a net friend in wuhan for Japanese friends for bicycle lost post, became the biggest hot spots on twitter and network, nearly 50000 people forward comments, woven net relay to find the next love. As time, loss of bicycle had been found.

is the owner of the bike from Japan travelers heyuan rev a Mr Brown, 28 years old this year he has a desire to ride a bicycle to travel around the world.

China is heyuan rev ichiro first stop riding. Three weeks ago he came to the river. 6 PM on the 17th, he and his Chinese friend met bo Lin han street, and parked the bicycle in han street entrance, when they back after shopping, only to find the bike missing. They called the police, and tweeting to net friend for help.

5 friends huambo woven & other; Find Shared & throughout; People are willing to send their bikes

19, appear on the weibo posts that have a Japanese friend, is a medical volunteer, going to ride a bike travel around the world, but through the wuhan han street lost his bike. Hope you help me forward to find the, many thanks!

reporter yesterday see on weibo, post about looking for heyuan rev ichiro bicycle up to more than 50000, netizens are actively provide clues for bicycle, and advise.

an unnamed net friend said to give him a free bicycle, help them to continue the journey. The name & other; AL – CHEMIST” Netizens said: & other; I have a bike, originally wanted to go to hainan island can’t go now, can give him, and let go global car with him. Throughout the &;

but there are also net friend says, heyuan rev ichiro car for parking is beyond the prescribed time, the big ye go off work, and his car is not parked in the designated place, leading to lost my car.


11 late February 20, 2012, the Japanese to Chinese tourists heyuan rev ichiro bike theft solved, stolen bicycle has been recovered. The graph is heyuan rev ichiro stolen bike. (eastern IC exclusive photos please do not reprint)

Japanese guy to dream plan riding the world

heyuan qi, from Tokyo, Japan, studied at the university accounting major in Japan, after turn to study medicine, want to use medical knowledge to help people in need of help.

heyuan rev ichiro said he intends to take 4 ~ 5 years to travel around the world, the journey have got altogether seven backpack, half of which is a medical supplies. Chose to ride a bike, because the traffic is not developed, poor areas only bicycles can get through it.

in November 2011, heyuan rev ichiro from yokohama, a boat came to Shanghai, China is the first leg of his visit. & other; Choose China as my first destination, because the Japanese earthquake last year, China gave us great help. Throughout the &;