Japanese live-action “ikkyu elder brother” by batch eyes is too small Small Ye Zimeng audience


for many after 70, 70 later said that the memory of childhood, animated cartoon is an indispensable part of. Boys like transformers, girls like “sailor moon”, say unisex animation, must belong to “clever ikkyu”. Today, then grew up, looking at the animation audience mostly have their own children, and the clever ikkyu also had my own & other; Children & throughout; . Japan has taken a live-action version of “ikkyu” officially launched, 3rd reporter in video web site to see the Chinese subtitles version. Such a main memory card series, by the evaluation of how?

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ikkyu eyes too small

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a rest as the protagonist, in the animated cartoon is a round face, big eyes, full head is the wisdom of the little monks. The live-action & other Ikkyu elder brother & throughout; By the Japanese small child stars star. While he is wearing a white frock bald head image, but a pair of narrow squint seems to have a rest & other; The window to the soul & throughout; Half off. The net friend & other; Asura & throughout; Said: & other; Honestly want to find a kind & lsquo; Cartoon eyes & rsquo; Children also pretty hard, but not find a small eyes of children to play, and the inside of the animation image some difference is too big. Always feel in show MOE. Throughout the &;