Japanese man with 58 Chinese national cultural relics were intercepted (FIG.)

silver pot of girder () in the early 20th century.

iron gold censer hollow-out decorative pattern (the end of the 19th century).

copper flower grain boat hanging lamp (the end of the 19th century).

cultural relics in the late qing dynasty ancient book of 55

identified for all Japanese men’s claims that the cultural relics department of cultural relics of the state at a low price to purchase

at the end of the 19th century iron gold censer hollow-out decorative pattern, at the end of the 19th century copper flower boat hanging lamp, silver girder pot in the early 20th century, there are 50 tallies of qing dynasty ancient books. Instead of on exhibition in the exhibition hall, these cultural relics all into a Japanese passenger’s luggage.

shenzhen dahuang customs announced yesterday, the cultural relics appraisal department of guangdong province, on April 23, June seized 58 items belong to the state cultural relics, including 57 to exit of cultural relics prohibited by the state.

male passenger dragged two oversized suitcase

according to the duty LvJian offcial small pay memories, at around 10 am on, a man with two extra large passenger luggage from dahuang port LvJian exit to leave the hall, and other He is not tall, aged 50 or so, clothing is also very common. Throughout the &;

the passenger mixed in with the crowd through the customs surveillance zone, immediately be careful offcial & other; Pick & throughout; To come out. Xiao fu said: & other; We asked him to checked baggage carried out machine, he said he couldn’t understand Chinese, so we can communicate in English with him. During the inspection, we found him to be a Japanese tourists. Throughout the &;

the passenger leisurely X-ray machine put on the luggage customs, look at the screen display suitcase containing a lot of handicrafts and books, customs officers know, these two suitcases is not easy!