Japanese paleolithic archaeology fraud storm: archaeological experts forge stone in ten thousand

on October 22, 2000, at about six in the morning, a figure appeared in day counting ghosn site at the construction site. He went into a deep excavation pit of about 3 meters, take out the spatula dug a small holes in the earth’s surface, take out a few blocks from the carry-on bag, into holes, and stamped on the flat ground. He then changed several sites, repeat the same action. After about ten minutes, tarshish ShiRan left the scene. A new, who is the famous Japanese archaeologists fujimara digging holes, then the paleolithic institute vice director of the northeast.

and all that, “daily news” reporter secretly placed at the scene red-handed surveillance video.

on October 27, a new once again came to the scene, fujimara digging holes in the dozens of media reporter’s been successful & other; Discover & throughout; Out of the 6 piece & other; About 700000 years ago, the early stage of the paleolithic stone & throughout; . There is no doubt that this is a major & other; Archaeological discovery & throughout; . Thus, Japan for the first time & other; Throughout early paleolithic culture &; As well as Japan searching for decades of archaeology & other; The early stage of the old Stone Age & throughout; Submitted a & other; Tapered & throughout; .

however, the story doesn’t end.

on November 4, the daily news reporter please fujimara digging holes is a new watch the early morning on the 22nd of the video. New instant collapse, fujimara digging holes, only said 1: & other; It is a long story. Throughout the &; Next, the development surprised everyone. According to fujimara digging holes for a new account, he hosted the 42 times of excavations are forged, the unforgettable archaeology has been Japan, media & other; Tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of years ago the stone & throughout; Are buried in the grave, after he built again & other; Discover & throughout; Come out. Japanese archipelago’s notion of human history can date back to 700000 before the fabrications, in fact, most can only be traced back to 40000 years ago.

the incident sparked Japan & other people from all walks of life; Throughout the earthquake &; , a new fujimara digging holes & other; Archaeology & throughout; Career came to an end, and the Japanese paleolithic archaeology is entered into the most difficult to winter, the research status of backward at least thirty years.

archaeological is a extremely strict discipline, but why a new such as fujimara digging holes counterfeiters? Some scholars pointed out that the mainstream of Japanese archaeology academic view virtually for new fujimara digging holes a fraudulent activities play a protective role, its & other; Research & throughout; Because of the so-called is the direction of hope is everywhere. In addition, for a long time the Japanese archaeology excavation, tend to ignore the study only heavy, and the seal of the discipline system itself, the lack of a positive academic criticism, etc., are all played their part. Author: for