Japanese photographer yamamoto, male: I want to express things themselves only strong

an interview with Japanese photographer yamamoto chang men

his works and his quiet, their size is very small, like memory can bring it with you, sometimes, the smaller the thing the more can let a person feel the life force.

the Japanese in international photography circles quite some weight, araki however, hill road, fujii tree show people such as the monarch ‘path, with a few double eye of the east to achieve international success. Among this group of people, yamamoto chang men don’t out there. He is a thin, middle-aged man, big eyes eyelash is very long, was born in aichi prefecture, Japan in 1957 and from the canvas to learning photography, in the 90 s frequently do show.

yamamoto’s work and behavior are far not as bold as araki puffed up. He compared the araki to an outgoing willing to chat with guys together to eat, and his is the sitting down to eat, silence and the guy in the corner. He said that people are different, the way to be happy.

last month, yamamoto three storage in Beijing gallery exhibitions & other; Sichuan & throughout; . As usual, he in field measurement size, according to the new space relationship arrangement work. Exhibition before the opening of the last moment, he also stay in empty showroom personally to adjust the up and down or so photos. Photo irregularly arranged, some is high, stood on tiptoe is difficult to see.

most of his works was pitifully small, small to only half a slap even minute, so big. Distance, little pictures of hydrophobic hydrophobic closely on the white wall, just like a stain dirty walls. This is his starting in the 90 s using way of equipment, the original is because the poor, the little pictures densely paste can save the cost of the picture on the wall, can let oneself more work to be seen again. He said: & other; Live in a small house, must want to live in a small house can do. Throughout the &; Until then, he has unearthed the order of a story and feelings, just as a personal symbol of published works.

small size picture is his intentional choice, for him, pictures like memory, if can take a photo in palm, as if can carry those memories. The palm between, the ground of heart, it is the size of a very close, and on the purse family is a truth.

family to bring in the body, often watch, often touch is easy to wreck, but the old instead of the more feelings. Yamamoto is the pursuit of this effect. In this exhibition, his pictures are old to slightly yellow, stain, edge horn is stuck up. At first glance thought is the installation personnel too careless careless, you are deliberately do old yamamoto yourself. He often put small pictures as they sat in his pocket, sometimes to tear, or to soak in the tea water. An exhibition in Tokyo photography art gallery, he has put the two photo in small leather bag, let the audience can touch.

although he doesn’t like too much manual intervention, but it is need to keep the trace of time in the photos, he said: & other; I have to put them to grow old. Throughout the &;

old technology, the conservative habit of temperament, people bow, yamamoto chang men found a very expression of Japan. Ozu yasujiro photography airland down, and the high level of life, and he put the camera on the still life, landscape and the details of all nature with life and focus on minor trifling, & other; Hail to the ordinary stones and food & throughout; . A flock of birds, the water of the sheep, a hand to throw the ball to the sky, a row of mushroom jungle, snow-capped mountains under a tree, a variety of distortion, the branches of the changing clouds, landform, water, and cherry blossoms. His composition, perspective alone, only black and white and dichromatic, originally and white objects in his unique view midstream shows delicate emotions.

in his works have their own small compared to Japanese & other; To promote the sound & throughout; It is a short break between two pronunciations. Yamamoto every time before answering the question also to pause for a moment, even with your eyes closed to think of it, seems to need a little time to listen to the sound of breathing.

he lived in the forest, far from the city to stay far away from the mainstream of the world in the fresh air, like under the Fuji mountain walking the dog for a walk. When he got out of & other; Xanadu & throughout; Throughout, with works exhibition, also can get the understanding of eastern and western audience. Despite depth degree, but it seems that the poetry and zen in his works is not difficult to understand. Someone kua he is a poet, some people say he represents the & other; Virtual & throughout; With & other; Empty & throughout; Oriental aesthetics, he implicitly a smile, as if he is very happy.