Japanese professor rate team excavated the Egyptian pharaoh’s tomb Pyramid mystery is expected to crack

according to Japan’s “Tokyo news website reported that are outside Cairo, Egypt on ancient Egypt near the giza pyramids of gizeh to sacrificial & other; The second solar boat & throughout; Excavation of Japan’s waseda university professor emeritus of village as a remedy for such as led research team, since 20 local time from the cave tomb is located the acquisition of wooden hull parts.

the pharaohs of Egypt hopes he can go to another world after death, so the sun ship built as ferry transportation tool. According to village, on the SLATE of covering hull parts, in addition to the name of khufu, and about 1600 hieroglyphs is right here. These can be solve pyramid construction method and purpose such as clues to the puzzle is worth looking forward to.

solar boat hull length about 30 meters, 2.5 meters wide, is broken down into about 600 parts store.