Japanese woman 99 annual expenditures of poetry verses warm pure and fresh and sold 1.5 million copies

poet wood ford.

& other; I ah, live ninety, I began to write poetry, every day of your life, flavor, although the old body, thin like twigs, the eye such as electricity, however, through one glove & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &; Experienced the suffering of the Japanese granny wood ford began writing poetry at the age of 92, 99 published the first poetry anthology, rapidly sweeping Japan, sold 1.5 million copies. Her pure and fresh and powerful poem, has moved millions of readers in Japan, more comfort immersed in pain after a tsunami of one hundred million Japanese, wood ford won the utsunomiya city special honor. Recently, “please don’t lose heart!” The poetry published by read guest book introduction.

she sprained his waist, not a dance to rewrite the poem

the whole Japan’s oldest poet wood ford, is 102 years old this year. She experienced world war I, world war ii and post-war reconstruction, the bubble economy, economy and a series of social unrest, experienced the suffering world. In 2003, the 2003 – year – old wood ford sprained his waist, not a favorite Japanese dance, in him a encouragement, tried to write poetry, and contribute to Japan’s sankei. Slowly, the old woman’s poetry became a newspaper sales. Later, wood ford granny’s poem in radio & other; Throughout the night train &; In the air. Run from the people on the road, listening to her feel the warmth of her poetry. In 2010, wood ford grandma out of the first book of poems “, please don’t lose heart!” , there is no suspense to become Japan’s first best-seller. After the 2011 tsunami, NHK television invited shibata grandma read her poems to the TV, has a full 100 – year – old granny, readily on the stage, with warm and strong words and sounds, rocked the Japanese people in distress, but also help them to shape up from despair.

her makeup every day, carry a mirror lipstick

“please don’t lose heart!” Included in wood ford 45 poem creation, these poems words simple, pure and fresh, contains wood ford old man life wisdom, in the ordinary course of things contains a huge moving power.

wood ford said: & other; My poems are lying in bed at night or when watching TV come out. After the thought of a topic, I will follow this way of thinking with a pencil to write down. To Saturday when he came to see me, I’ll take it out to him, and read while modification, repeatedly, to change many times in order to be complete. So, often a poem will take more than a week of & lsquo; Production time & rsquo; . Throughout the &; Wood ford joked, & other; Write poetry without care about their age. See written book, suddenly remembered I already 100 years old. Throughout the &;

this is hundred – year – old, wood ford sunshine state of mind even more than the young man, she carefully every day makeup, lipstick carry, mirror also elaborate dress collocation of be particular about. Wood ford alone for 20 years, has been have a rhythm, not sloppy. & other; At my age, even want to get up every day is a very tired thing. But even so, I still & lsquo; Dear call yo & rsquo; To get out of bed, no matter how lonely, lonely, I also are thinking: life, no matter what the time also want to start from the present. No matter who don’t have to be disappointed and discouraged, because Li Mingding will come. Throughout the &; Wood ford said: & other; By writing poems that I understand is: life, not only sad and sad. Throughout the &;

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