Japan’s 92 – year – old woman writer with adolescent mood: beautiful life just started (figure)

wood ford

in the Japanese literary world, there is an old man named wood ford. She started writing at the age of 92, 98 – year – old publishing poems, two poems of total circulation is close to 2 million copies & ndash; & ndash; This is a lot of professional writers life failed to match the Numbers.

in centenarians wood ford always keep passion for life. She never stop the pursuit of beauty, now, she still carry a mirror, lipstick and other cosmetics, like a young girl, think your beautiful life has just opened. Wood ford says, oneself have & other; The mood like girl & throughout; , still can fall in love, still have dreams. Her poems have this statement: even in the 90 – year – old, I also have to love. & other; When I was writing often forget their age, until you see his published poetry, realized I’ve been in hundred – year – old woman. Throughout the &; Wood ford said.

in 1911, ford was born in Japan 栃 wood county 栃 wood wood, his father is a merchants of grain shop. Soon, however, the grain shop closed down in the home, was a teenager she had to go to a seamstress and waiters, rely on two jobs to feed their families. The most difficult time, she held the sucking child escape, leave a lot of hard life to her miserable memories, but she still satisfied to say & other; Very happy & throughout; . Twenty years ago, wood ford’s husband died, she a person lonely live in a house on the outskirts of Tokyo.

wood ford did not complain about life, to appreciate to give her all my life. & other; My past, my family, my life, I immerse yourself in the memories, to draw inspiration from them written in verse. Throughout the &; Perhaps it is because the experienced a hard and tortuous life, but still optimistic attitude to the world, her poems are full of life feeling, comfort and bring others.

at the end of 2009, wood ford has published the first poetry anthology “don’t be discouraged, the book became one of the top ten best-selling Japan in 2010, more than 1.5 million copies in circulation. This includes 42 poems in the poems, including “everyone dreams of equality”, “easy”, “not to rush” and so on. Including such warm sentences: I had a sad thing, but really happy live, you also don’t lose heart. Wood ford said, these poems to express the concern, care for his people’s gratitude. Poetry anthology “don’t be discouraged by the Japanese media to & other; The relief of life song & throughout; Adds energy to the Japanese heart, poetry is full of dreams and hope, inspire the Japanese people worked hard, go forward. In a 70 – year – old readers to wood ford said: & other; You give me life of courage and dream, to carry on when I am frustrated also should learn from you. Throughout the &;

wood ford in poems convey feelings, often cause the resonance of the readers. A 58-year-old female readers wrote to press said: & other; Read her poems to wash their hearts, let a person calm down. Throughout the &; & other; In today’s world, there are still such delicate feelings, pure thoughts, even in a professional poet, also is very good. Throughout the &; Japanese poets new sichuan and jiang.

in September 2011, she published another poetry anthology “centenarians has already issued 400000 copies. Some people evaluate its poems like tagore’s philosophical poetry, although easy, has revealed the essence of life.

east Japan last year after the earthquake, wood ford immediately contribute to the newspaper, published a poem to the victims, encourage readers & other; Better tomorrow will come, please do not be discouraged & throughout; Speaking out of turn, expressed a kind of not give up, life attitude towards life is full of hope. In addition, she also donated to the disaster area 1 million yen royalties, express love and care for the people in the disaster area.

at present, as the east Japan earthquake reconstruction and support project of an activity, & other; Centenarians poet wood ford “don’t get discouraged” poetry throughout the national exhibition &; Is being held. & other; Wood is ford’s poetry can give a person the courage and strength, hope that through the exhibitions, let everybody feel the personality charm, learn your spirit. Throughout the &; Three PuHong iwate daily President said.

& other; I can live to the age, all by my family, friends, doctors and take care of me. I want to express their gratitude by poetry, told them: thank you, I am really very happy! Throughout the &; Wood ford said.