“Jia baoyu” actors wear fashion to speak a foreign language Edward lam new provoke controversy

last week, & other; God & throughout; Edward lam director of the play “jia baoyu” Shanghai culture square. Bend protagonist & other; Jia baoyu & throughout; Hocc rate of twelve gold hair pin in the female class, discuss with the fate of choice. With the combination of the star + auteur, “jia baoyu” 4 performances of nearly 7500 tickets sold out, and play for is in the off-season market played a & other; In the arm & throughout; . Behind the red box office Numbers, however, the avant-garde, pioneer way adapted to deduce the play “a dream of red mansions” also because lines & other; Shocking & throughout; , time is long and controversial in the audience.

wear fashion to speak a foreign language, to hit must mix?

in the play, in addition to the leading role by hocc jia baoyu, the other 12 actress did not play the role of fixed. They turned into twelve gold hair pin and into the masses actor, from time to time by the same roles, ask gusts combination lines also completed jointly by their weaving. Such & other; Role of drift & throughout; , this is Edward lam idiomatic expression. To this, some of the audience can not help but sigh & other; A pair of eyes and ears are not enough & throughout; : cast member change multiterminal, lines and there were many people with complete, if not intently staring at subtitle suggests, it is difficult to distinguish between what role in speaking. Many viewers of the subtitle is helping stage, often want to two head of two head didn’t see carefully. As a result, the appeal of this stage was severely weakened.

the subversive characters expression, & other Modern through & throughout; Element also let the audience a little scratching their heads. The twelve gold hair pin is wearing a fashionable jacket, stamped on the high heels, carrying a suitcase in the grand view garden in and out, his mouth still occasionally pops out a few words of a foreign language: & other; Whereis the jade & throughout; , & other Goodbye then pull & throughout; Lines, mix in the mandarin, English, Japanese and Korean, some actors even burst.

in addition, the director was on the plot of “the jia baoyu” processing with many & other; Entertainment elements & throughout; . The treasure chai to commend the treasure jade, mouth have sprung up in the “rich dad poor dad”, “winnie the pooh magenta wine” and so on titles. To treasure jade, xiang cloud for & other; Gossip magazines & throughout; Cover story was jia baoyu hocc gossip. So almost gag mashup, & other Through & throughout; Drama, apparently appetitie whet intentionally for commercial considerations. These jokes, though the audience burst into laughter, on the subject of a dream of red mansions is getting thin, not only conducive to promote the drama plot, also frequently play the audience.

deduce a dream of red mansions, stage play as long as possible?

even if based on a classic masterpiece “a dream of red mansions”, jia baoyu, still with Edward lam distinct individual style, and long is the most not around the past Edward lam a candy. Edward lam has called his own stage & other; Miniature epic & throughout; , whether it’s “life and survival of luxuriant workers”, or “the west chamber”, his recent works almost every movie over 3 hours.

may be monumental work “a dream of red mansions” this makes it hard for the director and screenwriter trade-offs and want to please everyone. The “jia baoyu had failed to get rid of & other; Throughout the length &; This & other; The spell & throughout; . In the plot of a dream of red mansions as the main line, dai jade into the house, were the dai jade, qing-wen fill qiu, the treasure jade treasure chai wedding such classic chapters are on the basis of the original design, “jia baoyu” the whole time about 3.5 hours, plus the break and curtain call, the entire stage performances achieved 4 hours. In Edward lam and hocc & other; Fans & throughout; Cried enough, many viewers think that four hours have been & other; Sit down & throughout; , see behind unavoidably absent-minded, & other; Four hours is not necessary, it is better to streamline plot, cut by the irrelevant side-issues, focus on moving people by feeling & throughout; . Also the audience thinks hocc interspersed with sang a few songs and plot doesn’t fit, a waste of time, dazzle light belt out more like dance concert rather than play, after listening for a few minutes of a song, the plot at the front of the long forgotten.

although the performance time is too long has been known, Edward lam is accustomed to this. He has said is not compromise: it & other; We into the theater, is want to be able to separate from the oppressive feeling, find their own time. At least until now I haven’t compromise says, if a play at 90 minutes there will be more people like it, I will row a 90 minutes of play. Throughout the &; Although the director appears calm calm, but for play this kind of art form, the expression of no trade-off and moderation, whether director too rich, or capability is still underdeveloped? To this, the early has hit the comments on the cat: & other; Heaven and earth have big beauty without words, in the hope that the director can learn to moderate beauty, learn to do subtraction, reduce the expression of private desires. Throughout the &;