Jia: did not leave my past the crowd Dreamed of when the martial-arts expert

director jia zhangke

director jia zhangke

jia zhangke and host

jia zhangke and host

Beijing, July 14 (Reuters) (Zhang Zhongjiang) director jia zhangke has revealed that when talking about dreams ever wanted to be a truck driver when they were children, later want to be a martial-arts expert, break dancing masters, the final choice when a director. Now, he hopes to open its own cinema in five or six cities and put a favorite movie, not afraid of losing money. He also responded to his & other; Taking the elite line & throughout; Question, said & other; I did not leave my past people & throughout; .

director jia zhangke has a guest on a one-way street, in front of talk of his latest film “language” and derivative book “asked & ndash; & ndash; twelve the pursuit of a dream life. During the lecture, he talked about his dreams of youth youth once when I was a child want to be a truck driver, later to become wulin, break dancing masters, director to achieve their dreams. And this year over forty, he hopes to five or six cities in China to open its own cinema, not afraid of losing money, like the movie. & other; I hope I also want to talk, still dare to talk, don’t become I hate that kind of person. Throughout the &; Jia said.

about new: by & other; Events throughout the &; Vibration show 12 successful entrepreneurial hardships

jia talked about new film “language”, said the film is about 12 & other; Achievement of the people throughout the &; In the interview. Theme is to ask them in their life process, business process, have encountered what is the biggest difficulties. In the dark days, how is the most disappointing moment came and how to overcome difficulties. The 12 characters from different levels, on behalf of a variety of different dreams. Such as pan shiyi, represents a & other; Wealth dream & throughout; . & other; He is experienced the cultural revolution, experienced a particularly serious poverty, and in his childhood when his sister don’t have to give to people in the home, and from gansu to shaanxi. He is such a starting point, what he encountered in the process of pursuit of wealth, he what’s the most difficult in spirit, I am particularly interested in how did he get rid of. Throughout the &; Jia said.

jie jia impressed with black reporter wang keqin words, & other; Wang keqin had a word said very good, he said could help a is a. And he said a word, efforts can not change, don’t work hard won’t change. Throughout the &;

why choose such a theme? Jia zhangke, last year because continuous foxconn employees jump off a building events for your touches is very big. & other; These young people a lot from remote locations, where resources are scarce, poor places, after entering into the city they face was much disappointed to have such a tragedy? I grew up in such a shanxi once closed, a remote county town. I have a lot of junior middle school students, high school classmates home and inside the mountains, around the outside of the Chinese cities as a spirit of rural, rural atmosphere very frightening & throughout; , he said.

, jia said nearly 90 minutes, the film has attended some film festival. Behind will roll out, have the performance to 9 month. Because the limitations of film media, only rarely part of the shooting process, so try to weave a book, and the rare access to content as often as possible.

about dream: once the ideal which is able to play with friends in every day

the day’s lecture, jia zhangke recalled his past had all sorts of dreams.

& other; I am a lucky people, I have the ideal is to be able to those evil in every day to play together with me. From the county seat of the life is very fun, because of the interpersonal relationship is very hot, you can enjoy between people get along with that kind of aesthetic feeling, that kind of emotional dependence. So I think the county children dependence on friendship, dependence on emotion is very heavy. Throughout the &; He said.

, jia said his dream and have had many times change. Childhood oneself, want to be a truck driver. In the childhood of jia zhangke’s opinion, & other; The distance is a really beautiful place. So I want to find a job can let me go, let me move, let me out of this place, so I think it might be a truck driver is a quite good choice. Throughout the &; Jia zhangke eight or nine years old when, for the first time in your life to eat the peanuts, is a friend of his father as a truck driver. This truck has made him feel very & other; Magic & throughout; .

after the junior high school of jia zhangke, have to like literature, but did not want to be a writer.

& other; I want to be a master in particular, because every day watching martial arts videos, there is the martial arts is a dream. This old dream, to the high school biggest ideal is to become a master of break dancing. Because you dance well, it is a new way of life, is very different from traditional county state, like a declaration. Throughout the &; Jia said.

in order to dance, he had secretly take long to taiyuan, together with a few classmates just to buy a & other; Yin and Yang out of the blue shoes & throughout; .

to more than 20 years of age, jia zhangke & other; Suddenly feel & throughout; Film is very interesting things, then go to try to become a director, to overcome difficulties to make the movie.

& other; I thought when the director is because see the “yellow”. I didn’t see this before those on the treacherous waters can we home movies, still so beautiful. See the “yellow” suddenly feel even if you put the treacherous waters on screen, is to break an unfair. Because the screen you don’t exist in the world, without you, I now can break this unfair through film. I live in the land, these people, these faces can enter into the film, gradually understand yourself. Throughout the &; He said.

jia zhangke’s & other; The director dreams & throughout; Also has not all been plain sailing. & other; This process although experienced special, a lot of unhappy things, also experienced a much more special moments of despair, but I know there is one thing that I do, I am willing to pay for it, spend every day for it is a pleasure, life is happy. Throughout the &;

in jia’s view, & other; Although everyone is filled with blind youth play hit by mistake. But if you don’t go blind mistakenly hit, how do you know where the road, especially if you how to get to know yourself. Throughout the &;

lectures on the day of his young man said: & other; When you are at this age, when you carry a small bag can walk the world, you don’t have to worry about every day back, not LV LV go back what are you doing? That can more than 30 years old, you should from time to time there will be, in life there are always some time is a special charity for you. Because you can have a free inside. I think the university four years, and has just entered the time of the society, you can try. Throughout the &;

now jia zhangke, already was not his mouth carry bag jia of the world. Has become a famous director, he admitted that he and two dream, & other; A dream is material, I want to be in five or six cities in China to open its own cinema, not afraid of losing money, my favorite movies. Another dream is about my own spiritual level, I hope I also want to talk, still dare to talk, don’t become I hate that kind of person. Throughout the &;

churning out Chinese movies? Jia: the audience will also shape the movie

jia is still in the day’s lecture about the present status of Chinese film. , he says, there has been some criticism of Chinese movie churning out more the worse, it has a lot to do with the whole atmosphere. And, on the other hand, in fact, sometimes the audience will also shape the film, will also shape the industry and shape the industry.

jia said: & other; We have recently to make a lot of movies. Working personnel of the planning case said there was a very sensible, but I feel very let me sad. He said never emphasize high quality of the film art, because of the high artistic quality means not good-looking, and dreary. Don’t say this movie because can go to a lot of film festival, film to film festival does not sell. The reality is that it is in shaping the movie. Actually guo also this situation, it shaped the guo this person, our society, the youth, in turn, shaped the country. Throughout the &;

jia laugh said, if has a prospect for Chinese film, first of all have to have an outlook on China’s real estate. Because the current Chinese film under the influence of real estate is very large, it is intrinsic characteristics of an industry. Most of the new movie theater pressure has a very high rents, they must complete how many quota to pay the rent every month, so the Chinese movie also in working for real estate.

in jia’s view, the current situation of Chinese film, with the whole Chinese people as a whole of cultural consumption, cultural habits.

he said studying example: & other; Our country population, 8, when sold copies of a book, even if seller, this is really shameful thing. On average, how is it possible to 8, Ben, you has a population of billions. We have so many people, on the other hand, it is not how to read. Similarly, music, drama, film, also is the same problem. But how about let’s national cultural habits, leisure, rich, gradually have interest to restore the cultural life, it is a comprehensive, is not only to film, but the whole China to refuel. Throughout the &;

response to the question: I didn’t leave my past the crowd A director must not be & other; Name & throughout;

jia himself from a county town, his best-known play “small arms” and “platform”, “unknown pleasures”, is mainly to the story as background, so people called & other; Hometown trilogy & throughout; . After jia zhangke, film material gradually widened. But it is, therefore, its work by some comments to deviate from the grassroots, on & other; Elite line & throughout; .

on the day of jia zhangke said: when talking about this topic & other; I did not leave my past the crowd. I think there is no need to make class on creation theory, said I belong to which class. Throughout the &;

jia said: & other; I think today, pan shiyi is forget the past small arms. I think not, because they are connected. Small arms may be the last pan shiyi, pan shiyi do affect the small arms of today. Society is a ring by ring interactive, a director must not be named. I have a lot of name at that time, such as jia is an underground director, don’t I have been underground? I also want to go to the cinema the movie. Others say only allow jia county, no other. That I in other cities also have feelings. Someone says jia now, good, are not allowed to take pieces of history. I also have to the late qing dynasty, to the ’30 s feeling, I also want to take. I think sometimes the directors of the change process is a kind of natural feeling, this feeling think this movie is very natural to shoot. Because of such a natural process, and there’s no fear, nothing terrible, is what you want to do. Throughout the &;

the jia in life: get up at 7 o ‘clock every day standing pile practicing wushu

jia said in answering questions & other; Get up at 7 o ‘clock at my life state is very good, every day, and standing pile, practicing martial arts, nine to see the letter, reply, processing business, at noon to eat, sleep, up to play writing, then friends, Internet, tweeting, went home to sleep. Throughout the &;

when it comes to their favorite actor, jia said: & other; Actor Dan zhao, of course, Shi Hui, especially the inside of the “angel of the road” Dan zhao. I think in China after the film didn’t see the vitality and shaping force actor. Actress maggie cheung. We live in the same time, I also want to cooperate with her. With professional choice it doesn’t matter, this is as a fan, one of my personal preferences. Throughout the &;