Jia pingwa: insist on writing novels to prolong life The mysterious sense of mission

jia pingwa is one of China’s literary world a grinch. A face of interphase, calligraphy and painting, hand creams, hard life, shows off his distinctive. Once people with severe liver disease and 60 years old, is still so strong. For many people, 60, means the beginning of the retirement, but for jia pingwa, 60 means he entered a harvest of life. 30 years old he write “recorded at the beginning of culture”, completed the fei, 40, 50, complete the “qin”, near 60 years old when he launched the 670000 words of the old furnace.

jia pingwa is not lack of money, is not short name, not lack of status, why he is so hard?

the “evening news” reporter zhang jing had a interview to him. The reporter asked him: & other; Some people say that you are the contemporary literary world the most diligent writer, is one of the biggest writer of literary works, why always insisted on writing? Throughout the &; Jia pingwa is replied: most certainly not, now some young writers write much more than me, also a lot faster. But with me into the literary world at the same time, liu, wang meng, they really don’t write too much, now I’m still writing. Each people have each person’s situation, but I should say it’s writing life longer. Why is that? I don’t know why, there are some funny things, some mysterious things, a sense of mission. Probably related to character, although temper wither, but it’s as stubborn. In the past some people say that I write better than fiction prose, I won’t write prose, it is sour grapes! Someone asked me to finish the “ancient furnace, also can’t write, I temporarily have no idea, let nature take its course, the inspiration that came.

this is jia pingwa publicly to the reporter said. But I know, that is not true. I once heard jia ping-wa in some private said, he in writing after the age of 50, in addition to the love of literature and the writer’s sense of responsibility, there is another important reason is to prolong life. Grasp the life, he said, is god, the life of the things done, the task is over, people went to see god. So he constantly to their homework, let oneself always have new writing tasks to be done, god will not let you die, because god know you spit, can’t walk.

this way, I have very good understanding of jia pingwa why so hard work, has introduced new. Just he expressed to the reporter euphemism: & other There are some funny things, some mysterious things, a sense of mission. Throughout the &;

(the author is a member of Chinese writers association)

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