Jia pingwa, writers can’t write through to keep alive to the society

jia pingwa

at the end of 2010, the writer jia pingwa visited in dingxi in gansu province, this is one of the poorest areas in China, the traditional, backward and poor survival present situation deeply touches the writer’s heart. Back to the city, he wrote a long documentary prose “dingxi notes”. Jia pingwa adhere to visit each year dozens of villages, without warning, don’t let reception, directly to the true underlying. He said, the writer should refuse to study writing, the whole society need to pay attention to is the underlying social.

run free rural just want to go to love

although influence works mostly novels, but there is no interruption of prose writing, jia pingwa has over the years, he quietly visited every year dozens of villages, and not to the countryside to visit on a regular basis, understand the underclass. He loves to run the countryside, want to go, whenever you have & other; To go away, don’t walk is always, busy not over. Throughout the &;

after finishing the ancient furnace, after several years of novel writing, jia pingwa said they like just over long distance is hard to stop, and a friend to shuhe, henan, hubei, visit several ten counties along the border, after come back again to China one of the poorest region of dingxi in gansu province, visited the local farmer’s survival present situation, every time after the visit, have a prose, these essays are not just like a novel.

last year, jia pingwa write nearly a century of China’s land problem prose “a piece of land” won the people’s prize for literature. When someone said to him, & other; No more attention than the land problem, you dare to tackle the problem, put a piece of land, the fate of write put up, with the land itself shows that this is the deepest wounds of the era. Throughout the &;

hope that officials can see

& other; Who left the land? Throughout the &; Jia pingwa admitted that he is very confused, and said to him, & other Dingxi is where the real poverty, farming atmosphere is very heavy, where can see complete traditional farming tools, manual cultivation cattle cattle, horses, donkeys, kept relatively complete the traditional agriculture. China a lot of places while also poor, but don’t have a lot of farm tools, livestock. Throughout the &; Jia pingwa said he will see these are written in the article. These articles seem to is a writer with hand written, but jia pingwa said he observed some problems included in the article, hopes to be able to see officials.

& other; Now people are concerned about the metropolis, overlooked is the county economy, the underlying condition, social mood. Throughout the &; Jia pingwa see below, in what is now the county, capable people walked, ran to the big cities, leaving the cadres are couldn’t climb up, & other; Their day is very carefree, I in every county, township and village cadres can be seen to exercise the wind, they are better than the general farmers, but an officer. And the construction of the county seat, is take the land, these changes, can’t go to the below, no way to know. Throughout the &; Jia pingwa said.

writers can’t write fantasy through

said jia pingwa, rural cadres has now is completely different from the past, the focus of the work they have not receive food, family planning, but for their own future, to stabilize the village. Nobody focus on these situation, but it is really need to focus on, including rural dingxi, including local villages and towns in shaanxi province. & other; Text although looks comfortable to write to, but can feel behind the articles have a very care about, pay attention to the reality in China, also communicate all kinds of social information, has the certain tension. Throughout the &; He said of his own prose.

he still has to run the village plan this year, these visits do not tell anyone, is the drive to want to go to places, poor road conditions in some places, an hour to walk a few, often eat live in farm. Jia pingwa adhere to out of the den, efforts to write the most vivid reality work. He said: & other; A large number of writers in the den, write fantasy, crossing. I think there are two, one is a writer always maintain a fresh attitude to the society, the second is a writer must keep their fresh feeling of words, so you can enter a state of writing. Throughout the &; Our correspondent Cai Zhen