Jia zhangke film from his own experience: “I understand foxconn youth mentality”

jia zhangke’s film is a bit like inspirational & other; Chicken soup & throughout; , prepare the next film is a martial arts films.

firecrackers produced crackling rang. Year 4, dawn, firecrackers jia woke with a start. He got up, took a bath and a change of clothes, to prepare for an appointment, but somehow mess up heart, he said, as if, the first love.

this is in travels, home of the jia zhangke, a group of high school have an appointment with his old classmates, year 4, get together. During the dinner, have a old classmate asked him bluntly: & other; Jia director, honest metasomatism, this year you a few? Throughout the &;

the big question, director of jia family, but relief: the gap and silent disappeared when they met again, the question seemed to everyone played chicken blood, to make them bloom & hellip; & hellip;

thoughts brought him back to the 18 years ago, there was no director jia, only the ignorant young jia zhangke, imagine his future in the dormitory of the bed, in the dark, he covered her head and quilt quietly crying, bottomless let him feel fear in the future.

new film “language” from his own experience

if at that time there will be a successful people tell him something about his story? The young will have more confidence? For such a self & ndash; Of course some investment & ndash; Jia zhangke is now planning a film, please come out one day cattle people to talk about the darkest moments, they talk them out of the shadow of wisdom and courage, can let others have some reference significance. Ocean’s twelve, twelve film, named as “language”.

interview text collected were published by guangxi normal university, named “asked”. See jia zhangke just published book and studios in Shanghai, over the years, it seems that he haven’t changed much, always speak gently to share his life and movie concept, course and comb their own memory, will only let him see ourselves more clearly.

let pan shiyi, xu and zhou yunpeng, in retrospect, jia zhangke also extrapolate mind? Experimental group at the Beijing film academy of films, patchwork shooting day hill home, than later cash-rich filming “sea legend”, is a little different feeling aftertaste?

if you can stand the rough hills home, and in the home, the hills the coarseness of image texture feel sincerity of China reality, then you can understand & other; The sixth generation & throughout; Unlike & other; The fifth generation & throughout; The fundamental point. A is a monumental work of epic to make historical fable, a sprinkle his tears and blood and recorded in the reality of China, let life slip past them in people choose to live in the big dreams, jia zhangke and & other The sixth generation & throughout; To tell them the truth of the eyes.

& other; Hometown trilogy & throughout; Laid the status of jia in the Chinese film industry. Travels, where is the home of jia zhangke mind sacred, a thief, in between sin and dignity; On the platform, the wind blowing we lost eyes, where is the end of life?

“still life” face, is to be demolished people and a huge project, with a mild attitude, jia zhangke keenly presented his views about the world. Although “24 city” and “sea legend” may cause some negative criticism, but jia has a clear understanding on the relationship between the reality and the film, but of course, he also needs to survive.

& other; I understand the young state of mind & throughout;

time weekly: why did you choose the 12 as interview object?

jia: it is quite interesting. Johnnie Walker (Johnnie Walker scotch whisky brand) to find my AD. What film? How they want to take me from a boy from shanxi to become a director of the story, on-the-spot report style. They even think it over, AD call: forward forever.

I think this concept is a bit mean. Then they looked at me the documentary “sea legend”, think of the film is a true story, shock, and chat with me, I said why don’t we make a real documentary? But don’t make a film workers.

they said: & other; If not you, other star? Throughout the &; I said: & other; Boring, if a documentary, we shoot some more, and share their growth process, all areas are covered. Throughout the &;

hit it off, I think a mentioned they accepted, so that was my movie becomes a group portrait of documentary projects. I chose 12 I am particularly interested in the characters. Characters such as wealth, I chose pan shiyi, his hands into everyday flow a lot of money, but you know, he is from gansu rural out of a very poor family, from rags to riches, from wealth dream realize dreams can only in dreams, this process is also experienced a lot of things, a lot of people don’t know the rough and dangerous.

again for example wang keqin, he is a reporter, I think he has an ideal, the creation of a fair society him by the reporter’s work, especially meaningful. And zhang ying, he helped save more than 800 AIDS orphans, do public welfare undertakings. I think these characters & ndash; And film also photographed Mr Luo, zhou yunpeng & ndash; Their story is particularly valuable, their experience is worth to share with you in the form of films. But in general they are confined to a relatively small scope, far from popular. So I want to with the aid of the movie, let more people attention to them, although the documentary is not so popular drama, but it can be shown at the cinema, to watch or download on the Internet. So we took such a movie, you have a big list of similar characters chose SanSiShiGe, finalized the everyone see the 12.

time weekly: book and film almost synchronization, then want to ready to book?

jia: yes, I have a want and ready to start a book. I have a special passion to shoot the film (and do) this book, because that marked & other; Foxconn events & throughout; Become the focus of debate. I think today’s young people do in some very big difficulties on the question of life, one of which is in the heart of the huge contrast between ideal and reality. In particular, I can understand jumped to his young people’s mental state, foxconn events from a remote village or small town out, feel the city is paved with gold, to choose the opportunity much more special, may therefore also has a kind of unrealistic imagination to the future, but after they entered the city, found that this kind of career development resources is not entered, they are control in the hands of a few people.

in particular, I can understand their attitude. In the “language” of these characters are basically the same path. They overcome the difficulties in the process of success stories, I think it’s a reference value. In my work before, this part involves much and I will not deliberately do a work to motivational, does this idea on this. I think young people in the process of growth need someone to remind them how to get to the next step, this is too important for young people.

time weekly: you once said a word, & other; When a society hurried forward ahead of time, can’t, because must go forward is to ignore the person who knocked down by you. Throughout the &; Your works are focus on the bottom of the society, this time you started to pay attention to the importance of elite?

jia: chose some successful people, because they realize their own ideals and values. Then these talented people, realize self value, their life is? It must be a story.

this movie is not about the theme of the social reality, the situation of a class. It is the theme of the speaking in a certain life situation, how people breakthrough, so find some successful cases is inevitable.

martial arts, both familiar and unfamiliar world

time weekly: the next thing to you the first martial arts movie “in the qing dynasty”, we also very attention, zhang yimou martial arts movie before you very disappointed, I don’t know how you will take the martial arts movie?

jia: this is hard to describe. I can say is: at the very least, it has a big history background, and the historical background of the present. There is, in fact, I’d like to borrow Wu Xialai talk at the beginning of the change of China. On the other hand is the whole story happened in the folk, market environment, because I think nearly a decade of martial arts too much with the court together, I don’t like it. I like martial arts story, not in court, but in teahouses such civil society.

in addition, in terms of actions, there may be some experiments, I try some new methods. Must have the people of Hong Kong martial arts instruction, because of their experience and work ability was stronger than the mainland’s martial arts instruction. I just want to have some new changes, to find something new. I think the most important thing is to invent martial arts films. I feel like a king hu shao-films director, director, chor yuen, director, they shoot the martial arts films in the 1970 s, invented a lot of new things and had a profound effect on the development of martial arts films, this is the problem we need to think about now.

time weekly: I know you are very like king hu, but are now back to see king hu’s martial arts films, will feel that he is too slow, such as “dragon inn”, and “new dragon inn” than the tempo is too slow.

jia: really very slow, but I especially like it. You see, or feel pretty impressive. When I was a kid watching his film is very excited, then nothing martial-arts can watch, a dozen very excited, then feel good fast pace. I see his movies again recently, looked at the mountains in the legend “and” xia female “, also cannot get in a bit at the beginning, because of its film language is the language of the 70 s, but slowly went in after will feel, it is very full, on aesthetic grasp of the overall atmosphere makes me admire and action of moderation.

time weekly: “in the qing dynasty is king hu type of martial arts?

jia: rhythm must not, because my rhythm is not “xia female” the rhythm of the time. I’ll take up according to my understanding and feeling.

time weekly: to what stage now?

jia: haven’t started to clap, is still in art designing stage. I hope I can create an ancient world, and the world for the audience is both familiar and unfamiliar world. , are familiar to everyone’s memory, ancient thought should be like that, the so-called strange, which film is never taken such martial arts world. My confidence from my collecting a large amount of data, I have a lot of the film’s period & ndash; 1899-1905 photo, see these photos, I have a lot of new ideas, and, I think this period related Chinese movie scene reconstruction has a lot of problems, I will be in my presents different historical scenes in the movie.