Jiang Qingceng nationalization women dress design The people not to buy bad in warehouse (FIG.)

pictured with yu-feng zhang jiang qing in the skirt

& other; Card throughout the clothes &; Reveal

in 1974, Chiang ching had a & other; Innovation & throughout; , this is the design & other female The clothes & throughout; .

originally, lust expansion of Chiang ching to show her & other; Throughout different &; , push up their position, dream to design a set of Chinese tunic suit with equal & other Jiang Qingfu & throughout; . This year on May 19, her heart, the ministry of culture core team members will be swimming, HaoLiang, Liu Qingtang people called to the diaoyutai 17th floor accommodations, said resentfully, & other; Chinese man have finalize the design of clothing Chinese tunic suit, but Chinese women don’t – it’s not equal, roles. I want to design a set of unique Chinese women, clothing with Chinese characteristics. This kind of clothing, can draw lessons from the ancient tang dynasty period costume. Throughout the &;

why do you want to draw lessons from the tang dynasty women clothing? There is the qing dynasty robe? In a word, it has to do with her. The tang dynasty in Chinese history only female emperor wu zetian, Chiang ching also wants to be & other; The queen & throughout; Between the great mystery.

she brought a few picture book, turn to page to choose a good early, pointing to the above & other; Flying & throughout; Said: & other; Do as this way. Throughout the &; After they made some improvements, Chiang ching told HaoLiang & other; HaoLiang brother, you come to do, do first two sets, the sooner the better, & lsquo; 5 & middot; 23 & rsquo; Meet with the literary, I would wear. Throughout the &;

on May 23, HaoLiang nuke Chiang ching to send clothes, but she just took a look, is not very satisfied, try didn’t also requires redo. After Chiang ching meets the literary people, arrived at the diaoyutai state guesthouse HaoLiang and 17 floor, attend to not top wiped the perspiration from his face, he brought out a pile of ancient costume clothing drawings, jiang qing, please choose again. Chiang ching drop, picked along while, finally booked two, said: & other; Samples according to the style, do a set, a set of camel’s hair, a black, faster! Throughout the &; HaoLiang bother to promise, Chiang ching added: & other; To embody national characteristic, must have a manual embroidery. Throughout the &;