Jiang Xun said red chamber: the theme is youth and loneliness as zhuang zi dai jade treasure chai like Confucianism

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: a dream of red mansions & other; Red flowers flow throughout the &; Youth tragedy

Jiang Xun

editor’s note:

on November 26, the 12th shenzhen reading month is & the other; Reading BBS & throughout; Programs in Taiwan famous scholar Mr Jiang Xun on classic a dream of red mansions. Chinese culture university Shi Xuexi Jiang Xun graduated from Taipei. Has taught at fu jen university and the university of the east China sea, ren, director of fine arts. The current literary club President. The main works are 24 speak Chinese arts, 24 speak “of the western art history. In the afternoon, Mr Jiang Xun in a broad academic view, poetic way to talk about him in a dream of red mansions reading experience, put forward & other; Youth and lonely & throughout; The theme. According to the speech of Mr Jiang Xun site now, finish refining written, with readers.

baoyu sleepwalking too condition:

youth growth period of loneliness and upset

today have a little talk with you my views on the book a dream of red mansions. I caught the youth and loneliness two themes, there may be some personal experience of reading. When I was in school in grade five and six, it was the age of jia baoyu, I first opened the home of a dream of red mansions, begin to look back to the fifth, see jia baoyu in land, he lives in the qin ke’s room. This involves an adolescent psychological problems of teenagers. The Chinese ancient novel rarely encounter problems of puberty. We don’t even know puberty in a time of how important it is in the growth of life, don’t even want to talk about it.

the fifth back to treasure jade met very strange thing, and in that time are all smell, a go in is a kind of fragrance. Is a development of the boys in women very sensitive reaction of the body. All contemporary literary works of stream of consciousness, there are few such surreal technique. The treasure jade was drunk, a little of the subconscious, the unconscious state. So that a reader will notice, will think of his moment of puberty, a cross between reality and it’s free, it is very tempting. He slept in the bedroom of qin ke had a dream, opened the drawer to see a book of vice, I think we all remember that is closest to him a wench qing-wen’s fate, as a base, a high-souled youth. He has a drawer open a drawer, we vaguely felt that he open every drawer in a person’s fate. In this situation, the youth lonely treasure jade in the dream to do it himself a dialogue of youth. 6 back to the beginning, he and close-fitting wench attacks have sex, I think all the experience of adolescent boys had a private memory, the memory like evil things, did not dare to speak. I think this book later became my own secretly hiding in the quilt with a flashlight inside every night reading a book. Because it is my parents are not allowed to read books.

dai jade tears:

& other; Also & throughout; In the eastern philosophy meaning

dai jade is crying every day, if you meet this girl is probably tired. The treasure jade a bit better, a bit bad for her, she would cry. But this story is talking about a myth at the beginning, crimson pearl bone tears of gratitude, the debts of the story. I think the novel a dream of red mansions is a tragedy, the author did not say to marry, just to tears. I owe tears will give back his tears, he gave me the grace of the rain, give me so much of the water, I was able to live, that I also tears today. So this is the book gave me much redemption, I say it is like the bible. I think this picture I have seen in Paris, New York, Taipei, shenzhen also probably it is not difficult to see. The life of the dai jade always considering, in her own great loneliness, how to put the things in my life possible. & other; Also & throughout; Is a very strange word, also is the essence of Oriental philosophy, western philosophy are rarely talk about the word, but in the east & the other; Also & throughout; The word become a very important word.

in eastern philosophy, & other; Also & throughout; Refers to the nature of a man’s life is actually one thing & other; Also & throughout; . Dai jade is the loneliness of individual life, because an accident with an accident, there is a step in the life, constantly watering it with water, she want liberation. See finally burn manuscript broken spoony, so the things is a tragedy.

lament topics:

the daughters the tragic fate of the grand view garden

in a dream of red mansions has a lament of the theme. You must remember back to have a critical summary, 27 were is the dai jade, the treasure jade secretly find a & other; Playboy & throughout; , at the time of spring full of no, look at “the west chamber”. I often speak to your parents, you can not to prevent, let him to see. Only see a very trouble, very dangerous. Ancient is this kind of question, see only a Zhang Junrui, tea rice don’t think, finally got the lovesickness. “The peony pavilion” in the spring of near miss du liniang, there is a sweet girl. Miss Cui Yingying side there is a matchmaker, they didn’t read many books, more freedom. She began to shout, hopeless Zhang Junrui are finally, climb walls and couldn’t climb in the past, the matchmaker to help him. This is the pattern of Chinese novel, in a very depressed, lonely life, the life how to go out?

so the treasure jade, but his father was not for him to read. He was reading a book, as a result, the petals fell upon him. The little boy put the clothes pocket, then moved to ooze fang bridge, the spent in the water, think it is very good. Attention, the flowers here are every young girl, the life not to be trampled, abuse, have a good life.

then came the dai jade, they two people together. The dai jade said you put the flowers in the water, but it is clean? The water is clean in the grand view garden, out of the grand view garden, what dirty and smelly. Because there is the grand view garden, to protect the children beautiful youth, if go out, what dirty, smelly. That how to do? Dai jade said I look for a corner to collect petals, as a flower. And then there is the dai jade bury flower. Were you laughing at me silly today, tomorrow I die who will bury me? She knew she was into the grand view garden won’t get out alive, her youth, life, was the grand view garden for burial. Compassion for all women, their fate did not make too much difference. Because is not independent of fate.

the dai jade is not out of the grand view garden, with death directly. His tears also completed, and went away. She and the treasure jade deep emotion is hard to imagine. Read a dream of red mansions, the youth and lonely tragedy of human nature and a lot of things. Growth process is very difficult.

keep the youth in the lonely & other; Clean & throughout; Important

in a dream of red mansions, the treasure jade know those girls, he hopes to complete these women’s dreams, there are two maid is very important, one is the mandarin duck, one is flat. Feng really despise zhao aunt, think that man is born, not born but ping son heart base part. So the search as a birthday, a few people whip-round, gave her life. Give money back to zhao aunt ping son, say you have the extra money? So the inside of the dream of red mansions wench don’t look down upon, they never lost to master. Yuanyang has been jia side, I didn’t want to at the age of 16, she also has to do? Their fate in where? Finally sent a cart, they understand a lot of things in this culture. Later, after she is Mr Forgive, Jia Lian father. Then he let his wife to speak. So that a very miserably, jia very big fire, said leave yuanyang I couldn’t live. How to give gifts, gifts, all is yuanyang is doing. I think mandarin duck can do even more than search. So wrath, jia jia forgive that I can’t move you, but you want to know how old mother, if one day the mother walked, you escape from my hand? So the mandarin duck in front of the jia a haircut. She said in despair, I serve the old lady dead, I will follow. She knew the man when her plaything. Mandarin duck is older, there would be only 16 years old, she has no chance of free love.

so read “a dream of red mansions”, how to keep themselves clean in lonely youth, is a very important thing. Qing-wen’s heart there is a clean thing, so the treasure jade wrote in a very beautiful Lei word. These lonely life all seem to is past a flower, come to this world, give them the most beautiful color, fragrance.

I will know that we have an inner dai jade, can in the most clean corner bury his best things. I always think, black women of the two sides of the two women is not a woman? They two people are together. The dai jade like zhuang zi, treasure chai like Confucianism.