Jiangsu liyang found zhou dunyi posterity put wei said, “when the family precepts

& other; The silt but not imbrued, zhuo green ripple without demon & throughout; , from the northern song dynasty famous philosopher zhou dunyi oi-lin said, nearly one thousand years to become a motivational quote.

in recent years, many places found zhou dunyi’s descendants. Is the little-known, liyang has a village, zhou dunyi seed from the mud and their story to a case of genealogy.

dismantle old curtilage, it found that family tree

in 1987, liyang tea farmers Zhang Guyuan Zhou Yunlong ready to tear down your house, the new buildings. My old house is a timber of mud, to the central scroll down the mud, are met with a hard object in the mud, and other Is the ancestor of baby? Throughout the &; Zhou Yunlong some joy.

& other; A large wooden box! Throughout the &; When Zhou Yunlong saw large crates and ink mottled & other; A family tree & throughout; Words, suddenly understand, the baby in this box, the record of week is their home blood and inheritance. Before this, he thought & other; The cultural revolution & throughout; Father takes care of the family tree has been seized, the original family father hid in the mud.

Zhou Yunlong reminded of when I was a child, the elders in the family will be speaking with them, their ancestors is zhou dunyi, is a very wonderful people, their home the box tree, also had sold more than 20 mu of land to & other; Please & throughout; Come, is really the heirloom.

however, into the family tree Zhou Yunlong without telling anyone, but carefully keep up. Until recently, he moved up to reconstruct genealogy of state of mind, to tell the secret to other people.

& other; The cultural revolution & throughout; Dodged a bullet during the period of

Zhou Yunlong brother-in-law, the 70 – year – old Zhou Fu legend, according to the genealogical records, zhou dunyi originally from hunan thevillage, after has moved to zhenjiang, opens a branch to leaf, and the later zhou yuan dragon in the yuan dynasty last years because of conflict avoidance migration to the male, the village of yixing dongshanwei on today, after weeks of yuan and of the sons of the dragon in addition to the eldest son ying-lung Chou still reside on the fair, the second scholar, and the third phoenix should migrate to liyang respectively with port town village, yan alley Zhang Guyuan tianmu lake town village. At this point, zhou dunyi’s people went in liyang thrives on the land to the flood.

zhou children migrate to the changs YuanHou, never forget ancestors, but in the early years of the family tree is already lost, let weeks family deep regret, until 23 years (in 1897), a tribe with zhou yu zhou learned that the original migrate to yan zhou clan in the lane, not only retained the progenitor spectrum, and built the ancestral temple, hence sold more than 20 acres, please people spend heavily on the tree.

weeks with zhou yu’s death, genealogy reached his nephew Zhou Fusheng hands. & other; The cultural revolution & throughout; Period, in order not to destroy the family tree, Zhou Fusheng meditation, finally thought of a & other; Tips & throughout; , he put the tree in the mud of his, this just survived a bullet.

reporter recently in Zhang Guyuan met this precious family tree. Genealogy is a 80 cm long, 60 cm tall, wooden box, wooden box has dark, allegedly also have more than one hundred years. Tree inside box, because be careful custody, a dozen copies of genealogy in addition to cover is a little old, inside pages without any damage.

even more valuable, 23 years guangxu, progenitor last week with zhou yu sell good land on the Zhang Guyuan genealogy of manuscripts after 115 years, unexpectedly also perfectly preserved, have to say it’s a miracle.

the wei said, “when the family precepts

Zhou Yunlong tells a reporter, now living in the liyang zhou dunyi later generations are mostly a commoner. He said: & other; Zhou dunyi’s many descendants still retains the memory of zhou dunyi ancestral temple, and some special like planting lotus between the family village, after the people of the ancestor & lsquo; Wang & rsquo; As a family precepts to inheritance. Throughout the &;

in Zhang Guyuan, zhou family, it seems to the villagers are good temper, & other; They are always kind, never with what the villagers make contradiction. Made a number of college students, they have learned man, and when the boss, but they are all very low-key. Throughout the &;

xiao-lin ge Li Mengya


zhou dunyi (1017 ~ 1073), the word he uncle, song, fort Song Ying LouTian tao (dao county in hunan province today), northern song dynasty famous philosopher, fathers is academia as neo-confucianism. & other; Han, Confucianism a few to the big bad. More than thousand years, to the middle of the song dynasty, zhou dunyi in pounded ling, is the learning of the sages not preach, “said taiji diagram”, “xuanze shu”, the sages of five elements theory, Yin and Yang Ming in the day and on people, the. Throughout the &; Sung & middot; Taoism biography chikako founded neo-confucianism school increased to high status.