Jiangsu provincial cultural relics are growing vegetables chicken Had taken the deep love deep rain receive

according to media reports, was listed in the sixth group of jiangsu provincial bump unit pukou railway station, recently suffered serious damage. High platform fertilizer piled like a hill, and fertilizer big truck loading directly open last month, will be the platform rolling bad! Track area is being encircle the ground to grow up, leisurely cage-free dozens of chickens on the track.

it is well known that pukou railway station is also called the north station, has a history of one hundred years. Zhu zi-qing “shadow”, let a person remember a scene of the platform moving a father. Hit a moment of deep love deep rain receive, “the national anthem,” which was shot the scene. But, after eight years ago, the railway station stop, becomes the railway freight yard, no department for the protection of cultural relics.

administration bureau of nanjing city is also very helpless: pukou old railway station does not belong to local management, administration of cultural heritage to and & other The relevant departments & throughout; Communication negotiations. Once you listen to understand, & other; The relevant departments & throughout; Refers to the railway department. As long as the railway department is not said, or don’t hand over power, one hundred railway station cannot be protected, as for & other; The provincial cultural relics throughout the &; , is a mere skeleton.

but no matter in which country, cultural relics are not belong to & other; A certain department & throughout; . It is a history, it belong to the state and the people. In the same way, the laws and regulations are not for the protection of cultural relics and other Administration & throughout; A department of laws and regulations, but a country’s laws and regulations, is any department, anyone to follow. Tube you mor, city or street agency, as long as you are responsible for the care of cultural relics, should protect cultural relics. Rather than as it is now, take a cultural relics as their own property, think shipping freight, think chicken chicken.