JiCheng Peking University first return of 38 pieces undergoing elective has more than 500 relics

a few days ago, he heritage issues, JiCheng with Peking University, deputy party secretary Yang He and others held a scene, JiCheng told reporters he proposed in first returned within a week of Peking University in March 2009, away from home & other; You keep & throughout; 38 pieces of more than 500 relics elective return another.

& other; March 23 to 26, 2009 BeiDaPa a team counted his father’s house, count, to their father’s house, soso, for they think important things one by one to register, finally choose 38 pieces of precious cultural relics, required by the school for safekeeping & throughout; , JiCheng said after his father, signed written & other; Temporarily by Peking University library save & throughout; Of a directory listing, so the school took this batch of cultural relics. Admitted to this batch of cultural relics is ji’s assistant and secretary yu-jie li, from Peking University with Peking University and he steal attempt to some, belongs to the loss of major cultural relics.

when the interview on March 30, JiCheng proposed to return within a week the 38 pieces of requirement, the rest of the more than 500 pieces of cultural relics to be returned, & other; Peking University said they discussed & reply me again after throughout; JiCheng told reporters if the north cannot effect according to the requirements of his return of cultural relics, he will take legal action to solve.