JiLianHai: “dog ignore” “ErDuoYan” as the origin of the name

here say, the old in the tianjin wei.

you can see, the Chinese this size is very connotation, sounds is very gentle, and not all, of course, there is a old ah, this name sounds like a little vulgar, do you know who? Well, let’s say is the story of the steamed stuffed bun, you probably guessed & ndash; & ndash; & other; Dog ignore & throughout; . This & other; Dog ignore & throughout; Is regarded as one of tianjin food act, other two unique is who? Twist ErDuoYan Fried cake, 18th street. This & other; Dog ignore & throughout; Founded in 1858, has a history of more than 150 years ago, that we can ask the, ah, this & other; Dog ignore & throughout; Why call dog ignore the steamed stuffed bun? Even the dogs all ignore is the steamed stuffed bun? That the person is ignored, zha also become old?

words the reign of xianfeng, qing dynasty, there is a dog called WuQing County people to learn skills to tianjin, he went to a noodle shop in crafts, at this time the dog son 14 years old, although the age is small, but the dog child ingenuity, industrious. Learned a good workmanship, after he was unwilling to sponsor, himself a stall, steamed steamed stuffed bun, selling steamed stuffed bun, the steamed stuffed bun is water filling half erects, texture soft, fresh fragrance is not greasy, and is also a distinctive shape. So people are very fond of, the business is very good, good to what degree? Dog is this busy, no time to greet the guests, the somebody else want to praise him two sentences, he don’t have time to take a reason. Over time, in the middle of the guests to circulate, this dog, selling steamed stuffed bun to ignore people ah, everyone Shouting, & other; Ah, the dog son to sell the steamed stuffed bun ignore people & throughout; , & other Ah, the dog son to sell the steamed stuffed bun ignore people & throughout; . After you feel trouble, became & other; Dog ignore & throughout; , & other Dog ignore & throughout; , it’s all said & other; Ah, ah, to go to eat steamed stuffed bun & throughout; So all went to the, so & other Dog ignore & throughout; The steamed stuffed bun is called off. Dog may then I think the name is not very good, but didn’t also way, the customer is god, “on the costs & name to other Dog ignore & throughout; , this is & other; Dog ignore & throughout; The old name.

there are tianjin & other; ErDuoYan & throughout; Fried cake, why call & other; ErDuoYan & throughout; ? Its founder wan-chun liu Fried cake shop next to a more than 1 m wide, narrow alley & ndash; & ndash; People ErDuoYan hutong, wittily to & other; ErDuoYan & throughout; To call it. Because this liu ji Fried cakes are good Fried cake, covered with other Fried cake shop can’t compete with it, so & other; ErDuoYan Fried cake shop & throughout; Fame is more and more big, Fried cake, natural call & other; ErDuoYan Fried cake & throughout; .

like old Beijing & other; Inline & throughout; Also have special meanings: & other; In & throughout; Court referring to ouchi, & other; Al l & throughout; Sign for customers put on this shop to make the boots, career, even rise level 3. The old saying goes, isn’t it, & other; Ye ye, look at the shoes & throughout; . & other; Inline & throughout; Is the specialized production towards the boots at a shoe store. There are & other; Donglaishun & throughout; In 1903, this is the founder of Ding Deshan dongan market stalls selling mutton miscellaneous oriented and buckwheat glutinous rice cake, take & other; From jingdong, throughout all the best &; The meaning of.