JiLianHai interpretation “Zhen Huan biography” : hong li of succession is the product of the struggle for power

consort qi and hong when

I “said JiLianHai zhen 嬛” shandong pictorial publishing house published in May 2012,

see the harem zhen 嬛 biography article 51, 52, two sets of friends, will notice the following plot: affectionate and queen consort qi see son, will bring trouble son knows the extent of their crimes. Queen consort qi entrusted to take care of the firstborn son hong, desperate to suicide. Here, there is a problem: consort qi who is it? Hong when and who?

consort qi li, magistrate wen-hui li female. Third, hong sun, hong Yun, hong, only hong survive to adulthood, when the other two are ruin; One female, married star. Here, we should pay attention to, the emperor had ten children four women.

the firstborn, CDH (1697), queen mother filial piety xian wu la the Laplace. Born in 36 years (1697) on March 26, ruin Yu Kangxi 43 years (1704). Actually the second son hong sun, not in order of age due to collapse as early, kang xi thirty six years (1697) and early June, kangxi thirty-eight years wounds (1699) on February 19th. The female consort qi li (for harmony prince princess side). Two sons hong Yun, kangxi thirty-nine years (1700) at the beginning of August 7th, kangxi wounds forty-nine years (1710) on October 20. The female consort qi li (for harmony prince princess side). The third hong, yongzheng cut their cases. The female consort qi li (for lateral harmony prince princess); Born in kangxi 43 years (1704) February 13th, ruin in yongzheng five years (1727) at the beginning of August 6th. The fourth hong li, the emperor in qing dynasty, the emperor. Queen mother xiao SAN xian knob cobalt lu surname (for harmony of space space); Born in kangxi 50 years (1711) on August 13th. Know, since the summer of 1697, until 1704, it is very long period of time, to the later yongzheng emperor birth lead son woman, only consort qi li. Incidental, consort qi li born of the yongzheng emperor’s daughter, in this period. During this period, therefore, consort qi li suffers bestow favor on.

the yongzheng emperor first son hong CDH dies was 8 years old, the second son hong Yun dies was 11 years old. Since then, hong became the big brother of the harmony, the prince mansion. Hong li (emperor qianlong) birth, has eight of age, or harmony, the prince’s only son.

but, curiously, the first year of yongzheng emperor yongzheng (1723) August announced secret build store decision, but with & other Throughout their young &; For reason, think not held (public) built reservoir. Hong has twenty years of age, and when at that time is young, and his son, emperor yongzheng ChangSunYongShen, have 3 years old. Emperor yongzheng of the above words, has revealed he is considering imperial heir candidate, actually has ruled out when hong. As a rule, hong when should be the yongzheng emperor choose heir’s first choice. Because he was out of all the first, and adults, and children, their mother lie in harmony house side fujin’s, its name after office fujin wu la’s remains. Hong when these advantages, is what hong li does not have. But abandoned long, choose the yongzheng emperor built store when young, selected 7 years younger than when yihong, still is a teenager, the biological mother NiuHu when John Paul’s harmony house, there is no formal, hong li. Hong the yongzheng emperor, why don’t you like?

hong when 20 years ago, has experienced the emperor kangxi two waste prince, the prince for storing party “pie, infighting, emperor fourteen children allowed 禵 rate western expedition, recover the hidden land, sudden death of emperor kangxi, three-dimensional 禛 obtain the throne and a series of events. When emperor qianlong said wong & other; Indulge & throughout; , & other Don’t keep & throughout; , shows that he has directness, capricious personality traits. Although there is no historical data confirm, according to the yongzheng emperor ordered him to do allow 禩 following this, the son of the seems to determine as early as in before he ascended the throne, the yongzheng emperor, hong to allow 禩 et al, which have certain affection, his opinion of late kangxi dynasty store a battle, with his father (three-dimensional 禛 distinct tendencies. Therefore, the first year of yongzheng emperor yongzheng secret build store, of course will be the son of harbor YiZhi, ruled out. However, before he ascended the throne, the emperor yongzheng, he and without apparent conflicts of interest between hong. When father and son two people respectively finished from prince to the emperor, the emperor sun to the role of the prince after conversion, because of the length, the advantages of high biological mother status, hong when to store a hope, also is in the sense of things. After yongzheng emperor built a secret store, however, it gradually deterioration on the relationship between the father and son, the nature of the conflict, both sides also changed.

the first year of yongzheng (1723) in August, the secret of the yongzheng emperor built store while doing very careful, but only after 3 months, was leaked by himself. On Nov. 13 is anniversary of the death of emperor kangxi yongzheng emperor is not close to JingLing offering, but send the age of 13, qing imperial house & middot; Its to hong in ages past. This is a meaningful: reigning emperor task in the future to the emperor of heaven emperor, message dynasty in one hundred, major is set, store have belong, and pray for the first emperor of the soul of the shield. For the yongzheng emperor the move the most sensitive, and are the most depressed person, is hong. A year later, he doubts proved once again. Emperor kangxi yongzheng two years (in 1724) bottom & other; Longer period deathday & throughout; Hong li & other; for the second time Throughout the JingLing &; . At this point, wong to store a fantasy has completely burst, in under the action of hatred and jealousy, he further to allow 禩 yongzheng emperor’s opposition party, all you have done to his father that skepticism.