JiLianHai: with ji’s morning mist not relatives My home in Beijing when he in the countryside

JiLianHai folded hands walked through the door, daddies audience applause. Yesterday the sponsored by China mobile, the phoenix made office, China mobile, sichuan co., LTD., to undertake & other; Gotone VIP phoenix lecture hall & throughout; , JiLianHai is no longer the second affiliated middle school of Beijing normal university history teacher, but CCTV & other; Lecture room & throughout; In & other; And he ten speak & throughout; The speaker to blow up the audience warmly.

the humorous language, body language is famous for its ups and downs JiLianHai, use & other; Add one more word & throughout; To describe themselves in the face of students: & other; No sound and no video, and no one else, performance will be more exaggerated. Throughout the &;


writing, reading, consistent

& other; Throughout a history lesson, all the background clearly &;

audiences JiLianHai, since & other; Lecture room & throughout; To & other; JiLianHai said collection & throughout; . After becoming famous, he still is a history teacher, Monday to Thursday, a day four classes in the afternoon, & other; Now is my 11 years in the Beijing normal university FuEr the hardest time, the famous haven’t so many lessons. Throughout the &;

JiLianHai love to laugh and laugh. He sat there, a grey Chinese style clothing, idleness, & other; Lecture room is given priority to with stories, more interesting. History is history of thinking, thinking ability, the story is not the most important, the important thing is to explain the story to make analysis, meet other stories, learn the lines. Throughout the &;

learn history? JiLianHai described as & other; More than like a science fiction of logical reasoning ability & throughout; .

a 27 years’ experience of history teacher, will still be lessons, not least because the replacement of materials, JiLianHai more hope to let the students, let the audience interested.

Monday to Thursday morning, JiLianHai writing, includes many copy. Currently, he is working on a finished Chinese history in 200 sets show scheme: & other; Just don’t have to worry about if it is 2000 sets, 200 sets & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &; Love smile of JiLianHai a sigh: & other What about what not speak, how to make the story even more fascinating, do copywriting is really very trouble. Throughout the &;

Is JiLianHai read

at night time.

JiLianMei exquisite lectures not shackles in the textbooks, such as the British constitutional monarchy, he would study the British magna carta, London regulations, succession, etc., & other; You’ll have to find something from the book, don’t be about books. A history lesson, when all the background clearly. Throughout the &;

in nearly 60 years, writing and reading is required for all JiLianHai.


delicious food and beautiful scenery, a not

& other; Three bottles of snack stout, drank wine dinner & throughout;

JiLianHai out of town, madam often accompanying. Interview, lady in the JiLianHai question should be only one. Cell phone ring, JiLianHai took out a view, others remained a smile: a blue cartoon bear mobile phone shell, also with two small ears, & other; I don’t understand ah, she bought. Throughout the &;

JiLianHai and his wife have been to chengdu many times, but each time in a hurry, only this time, JiLianHai is determined to play.

Thursday night after rong, they almost non-stop, mount qingcheng, dujiangyan, leshan & hellip; & hellip;

JiLianHai speaking voice is not high, the speed is fast, lady not a sound, just silently waiting for you in the side. With the end of the interview, we goodbye Mrs Ji said: & other; Aunt good-bye. Throughout the &; Is not yet out of the door, have heard JiLianHai fun lady: & other; You have to admit that you are the aunt? Throughout the &;

JiLianHai like sichuan climate and food, and more importantly, his uncle retires lives in yilong, he is go to visit uncle every year.

the Argo, is unforgettable night of 20, midnight snack after dinner, he drank three bottles of German stout. Alcohol? JiLianHai or smile: & other; The dinner also drink wine. Throughout the &;

this wet weather is the most great JiLianHai sichuan: & other; My nose is sensitive, base in Beijing from September, has always been difficult in the second year of rain. It’s raining, the air is moist. Throughout the &; This line in sichuan, the JiLianHai nose special ty.