Jin yong and cousin Jiang Ying: no blood relationship, still appreciate

qian, as a young couple Jiang Ying

jin yong and his wife look Lin Leyi

on February 5, 92 – year – old famous soprano Jiang Ying, died in Beijing. Jiang Ying is the daughter of the famous strategist based, is our country & other; The father of aerospace & throughout; , & other Hydrogen bombs throughout the &; Feats qian xuesen’s wife. More obscure is, she is still in Hong Kong martial-arts novelist Louis cha’s cousin.

Louis cha has never met uncle awe with

based his first lady products aunt Jane is jin yong’s kin, with products based 18 Jane engagement. Products: Jane is a traditional little family, and is one year older than based. Based study abroad, after his mother very politely advise from its dissolution, product is infatuation, Jane never marry another others. Based in 1910 returned, force and products, 29, married Jane. Immediately after getting married, based north as the qing court’s praetorian guard system, products Jane serve her mother-in-law in xiashi, lifelong bear, not until based, died in 1938 after the next winter, products quietly, Jane just 59 years old.

the winter of 1912, kiss point based as President of the baoding military academy. After taking office, based reform, establish the new army, but was blocked by the northern old-school soldiers, based and then committed suicide. Rescued, care for his healing is a Japanese female nurses, named sato home, 23 years old. He is in love with her, and she has a family of zhao, harmony, Britain, China, and five daughters.

based & other; Empathy don’t love & throughout; To jin yong’s aunt products best friend Jane alone empty, criticized by some people. But in the early 1980 s, people for the interview to Hong Kong based white gold, gold yong defended uncle based said: & other; The lady are thyme study abroad under orders from the parents to order before marriage, to marry is also a necessity. Just like first wife lady like Mrs Tselischeva qiong-hua zhang Juan, guo moruo, PanJiao is father, mother, for daughter-in-law, rather than a husband for his wife, so it is not in for the disease. Throughout the &;

jin yong with uncle based probably never met, but he has repeatedly mentioned the name of uncle, proud. As published in 1975, martial arts novel ShuJianEnQiu recorded “in the postscript, jin yong wrote: & other; I am a man of zhejiang haining. Haining & hellip; & hellip; Modern famous characters such as wang guowei, based, xu zhimo & hellip; & hellip; Haining is not a military man, even a strategist based, it would only be JiangWu, don’t shoot. Throughout the &; In addition, jin yong’s 1974 visit to Taiwan to meet with Chiang ching-kuo, in November 1995, soka gakkai President daisaku ikeda dialogue with Japan, are mentioned based, and praise. In May 1996, jin yong couple, accompanied by sister LiangXuan, brother-in-law of cao came to the nanshan, the uncle based couple tomb memorial a bunch of flowers.