Jin yong’s niece check response to hype, “said jin yong’s body is bad I don’t know me

23, 24, shandong TV “voices” national & other; 120 strong into 30 strong & throughout; Second is under strain selection. 23 afternoon, jin yong’s grandniece check appeared in the field, when it comes to be questioned by uncle jin yong’s hype, she responded that controversy is not afraid of the outside world more said & other; Since the qing qing, I will only feel this is a fact, I feel very glorious. Throughout the &;

jin yong’s grandniece check

in the face of online disputes, since the childhood long check showed the genealogy response in Taiwan. Check that their family four generations respectively according to the recent & other; Loyalty, good, pass, home & throughout; Your generation. Jin yong’s formerly known as essayist, status like grandpa to check a good guide is & other; Good & throughout; Check word generation, also called from Vivian, is currently in the patriarchal family is the smallest & other; Throughout the home &; Word generation.

she also said that his grandpa is jin yong’s cousin, and two to live so far apart now just because grandpa and jin yong’s two people went to Taiwan and Hong Kong respectively.

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site, check according with jin yong’s grandniece this so-called halo, oneself is not a lot of pressure, she said, & other; I still do myself, the fame of (jin yong) is the power of the family, what I wouldn’t feel the pressure. Throughout the &; She also said that she and uncle don’t often contact at ordinary times, are generally the elders in the family will be very frequently.

when it comes to their own entry without the knowledge of the jin yong, she admits, & other; I don’t think he should know, because it seems he recently body is not very good, in the quiet, even before I make a phone call he isn’t very convenient for pick up, so I didn’t contact with him directly. Throughout the &;

the game did not get a direct promotion

about the result: a big deal to go back to Taiwan to sing

the second of the day, the check did not get the number of direct promotion, just like most players got the certificate of undetermined, she said, as to the result & other; No loss or looking forward to, because I don’t want to let oneself as far as possible, is to enjoy the stage & throughout; And she even joked that & other; No, a big deal later return back to Taiwan to sing bai & throughout; .

it is known that check was a popular rock band in Taiwan cherry help lead singer, the main piece of “goodbye my love” and so on, and her music ever get senior musicians Anthony bao, landy, singers such as DJ orange affirmation and guidance.

about themselves in the band, she says, & other; Start playing rock and roll, when the family isn’t very support himself was once very rebellious, but thankfully they understand now, is already fully support me. Throughout the &;