Jin Yongsan exposure period of marriage history, has been first wife betrayed

jin yong’s first wife is called Du Yefen, their love of germination in 1947, at that time he was in the southeast of the daily work, due to the editor in chief of humor supplement with Du Yeqiu know Du Yefen brother. Du home his father to practice medicine in Shanghai, mother like quiet, with eight gold bar bought by the yard in hangzhou mansion, live together with daughter in hangzhou at ordinary times, Du Yeqiu is followed his father to go to school in Shanghai, the vacation to hangzhou.

one day, he made up a guest asked Dr “Mimi” have such a problem: & other; When buying a duck need what characteristics to good? Throughout the &; & other; Dr Mimi & throughout; Answer: & other; Neck strength strong said fresh, rich thick feathers, must measure of uniform. Throughout the &; Young Du Yeqiu, wrote a letter to & other; Question & throughout; (or to) : & other; Dr Mimi Sir, you said the duck feathers must thick delicious, so excuse me: a control hair all have no, how so good? Throughout the &; & other; Dr Mimi & throughout; Reply: & other; What you said is, think to must be a very interesting children, can want to have to meet, close to talk. Throughout the &; Du Yeqiu reply: & other; Every day have time, welcome to our restaurant. Throughout the &;

jin yong’s visit on a Sunday afternoon, met miss du home Du Yefen seventeen years old. Again the next day, he came by and sent to a couple of tickets, for his kind invitation to the southeast of the enbridge du family daily upstairs see guo moruo writers “peacock gall. After Du Yeqiu and his father went back to Shanghai, he became a du home, puppy love with miss du both fall in love.

in March 1948, will set him to work in Hong Kong da gong bao, he is not very willing to, write to hangzhou, Du Yefen advice, her answer is short-term, after a long time not, so the newspaper executives agreed to his request, only half a year. In Hong Kong before he went to hangzhou two times. Du Yefen on March 27, to send him to Shanghai, arranging luggage for him, send him on a plane. Before leaving he sentence: & other; Each of us to pray once a day, don’t forget to say, I wish you an early return to Shanghai. Throughout the &;

it is said that they once held in Shanghai in October wedding, Xu Junyuan is witness.

Du Yefen as he went to Hong Kong. In his “da gong bao, the new evening news of his old workmates, boss rover remember, they lived in the mountain passes, then is not far near LaoZhiDao and du du old ballroom, so someone is joking for the du girl have a nickname, called her & other; Du old chi & throughout; .

Jin Yongceng to & other; Lin Huan & throughout; Pen name to write reviews, dramas, the origin of the name, he himself had not made any instructions. Du Yeqiu said, & other; Lin & throughout; Because their surname & other couples Check & throughout; And & other D & throughout; There are a & other; Wood & throughout; Words, double & other; Wood & throughout; As & other Lin & throughout; While & other Huan & throughout; Is the picture of relationships-particularly those founded at that time, they live happy. Du Yefen in Hong Kong a few years, he is busy with work, no time to accompany her, she a person lonely at home, have a unhappy life. At last she alone back to the mainland, two people divorce formalities.

rover as a continuity girl said she was at the Great Wall film company, then I do not know how to split up two people. She went back to hangzhou. Jin yong said in the other colleagues of da gong bao, & other; Du Yefen is hangzhou people, don’t understand cantonese, living in Hong Kong feel depressed, and essayist income status at that time, she can’t eat bitter, leave the essayist. Status Throughout the &; At age 74, recall the unhappy marriage, jin yong’s eyes said with tears: still & other; Is she has rebelled against me. Throughout the &;

jin yong myself a relationship is more important than rational people, he said to reporters: & other; I am divorced. Get married for the first time, she is very love me, I love her very much. But later divorced, you ask I regret not regret, I said I don’t regret. Because under the conditions at that time, everybody is good sincerely. Later changes, you don’t know. Throughout the &;

they have no children. Du Yeqiu memories: & other; Some newspapers say, du separation because to cover & lsquo; Diplomats & rsquo; Opposed by his wife, had to break up, in fact is nonsense. Throughout the &; He think: & other; Then the chief cause of divorce, I’m afraid or & lsquo; Love is still insufficient & rsquo; Throughout the &; .