Jin Yongzhi son do literary love good food But his father preached unto death (FIG.)

journalists and check the Ti

the first impression

wearing a simple short sleeve T-shirt, resembling gold yong, manners generous.

self introduction

not inherit his father’s literary career, will develop their own food hobby into a career, since the number & other; Throughout eight bags disciple &; . Opened a restaurant, Leslie cheung and Anita mui, Lydia shum had to eat.

in the literary circle, children become & other; Throughout the second generation &; The list goes on. But the children did not inherit his father’s footsteps, go your own way, also not rare, second son of jin yong’s check Ti is typical. His keen cuisine, accounting professional background, read book from England back to open a restaurant in Hong Kong, is everywhere.

yesterday noon, west China metropolis daily reporter in an upscale restaurant near TongZi Lin, see Ti are dining with friends to check. Wearing a simple short sleeve T-shirt, resembling gold yong, manners generous. He says he is very like sichuan cuisine, & other; Especially like chengdu suburban farmhouse small restaurant food, it’s hard to find in Hong Kong. Throughout the &; He also revealed that the to chengdu, is pure with friends, share their experiences in food.

any pressure? Do jin yong’s son, & other; Want a good & throughout;

check Ti mandarin is very good, what about mainland, seem to be very familiar with. He says, since 2004, when he stay in shenzhen. Although don’t live in Hong Kong, but check the Ti also revealed that & other; Or at least a month will be back to Hong Kong I see dad once, after all. Throughout the &; He also said that every year at Christmas, living abroad’s sister and their families, will be back to dad reunion. Mention of jin yong’s physical condition, he said: & other; After all old, action inconvenience, other are good. Throughout the &;

father was network rumors died several times, check the Ti appears very helpless, & other; When someone from Canada called me and said those rumors online. I really think, now, to lack even the most basic screening patient information, so that the weak influence. Throughout the &;

as a famous person of the second generation, the outside world will he and his father pulled together frequently, check the Ti isn’t too interested, he said: & other; For me, jin yong is a successful wuxia novelists, and essayist is my father’s status. Throughout the &; Check pass Ti, however, said he also not too care about others, & other; There is not unhappy. Shall we go out, go to where, almost always someone to see his signature, all this is because he is like you. Throughout the &; Did the pressure after feeling as a famous person? He said: & other; The son of li ka-shing also has often been compared with his father. In fact as long as you’d like to open. Throughout the &;

not father son said his father not regret

check Ti to walk yourself’s road, choose professional also choose accounting when studying, & other; Accounting belongs to a systemic course, as long as the Numbers into a fixed frame will work out the answer, not too complicated. Throughout the &;

how does Mr Jin yong’s education of their children? He said: & other; To tell the truth, when I was young, my father is very busy at work, he is a newspaper owner, write wuxia novels, don’t have time to communicate with us too much, to speak more occasions is dinner time. Throughout the &; He also admitted that although the father’s books a lot, but he went to the father in the study is less, & other; For my young, it is a pretty and mysterious place. In fact, I read few, if read much, I wouldn’t be sitting here today. Ha ha. Throughout the &;

jin yong’s daughter to check where there is a painter, personal exhibition in Hong Kong visual arts centre. Mention sister the nerd, check the Ti said: & other; She is very like painting, was worshipped ding yanyong of ink painter for the teacher. Throughout the &; It is understood that as a martial arts master in literature, jin yong several children, there is no one engaged in literary creation, to continue his father’s literary career. When asked, jin yong will feel a little regret?

check the Ti said: & other; No. He is very liberal. Besides literary creation that sort of thing, not can be inherited. Throughout the &;

the current literary and arts appear many & other; Celebriots & throughout; , & other Throughout the second generation &; Phenomenon, check the Ti said: & other; The convenience of parents use their existing resources, can be in the beginning of their children’s careers, offer certain points out, lifted its on the road, but after that how to development, or to see their children’s personal, such as Jackie chan’s son jaycee chan. Once an adult because of children, the road of life is to depend on oneself to come out. Throughout the &;