Jinan west cultural wall ci-poetry with du fu as a net friend: confusion

marked & other; Su shi & throughout; Of the fairy is more like a textbook in du fu’s & other; Standards such & throughout; .

Some citizens’

recently, said, in a culture of west road Duan Wenhua wall, beside a su shi’s words with the du fu’s standards such. Weibo a many netizens. Authorities said, will investigate immediately, if you have get blank brains to change.

the evening of May 10, the provincial capital, according to the citizens’ cultural road a Duan Wenhua wall, beside the word unexpectedly with du fu like sushi, suggest the related department to adjust. Perhaps the recent time & other; Du fu is very busy & throughout; Impact of events, this tweet quickly triggered heated debate online. Some netizens joked that & other; Du Fuzhen busy ah, still have to write words for Mr Dongpo. Throughout the &;

in the discussion, and netizens message which weibo according to the blogger,

& other; Jinan next year to do 10 art section, everywhere talk about culture, such ridiculous openly in jinan brand of culture on the way, will stab the eyes of the blind people. Throughout the &; He wanted attention and forward, cause the attention of relevant departments, timely discover and correct the problem.

however, some netizens also expressed different opinions. The net friend & other; Simon Simon Yang Yang & throughout; Comments: & other; I can say a doubt? What do you see this is du fu? The somebody else’s signature? Do you know what Su Shichang? Throughout the &;

according to the weibo, reporters in the cultural west road and road intersection, saw the culture wall causing concern. Wall of the west is su shi “to & middot; when the moon has a” in the sentence: & other; We wish each other a long life so as to share the beauty of this graceful moonlight, even though miles apart. Throughout the &; Next to the east is du fu “hope yue” in the sentence: & other; Be ling extremely, see the mountains small. Throughout the &; Beside the two poems each with a name like picture, beside the western fairy tale marked & other; Su shi & throughout; Is marked, the east & the other; Du fu & throughout; .

according to the reporter, label & other Su shi & throughout; Image is more akin to a textbook of du fu’s & other; Standard & throughout; Illustrated, this figure is for the front & other Du fu is very busy & throughout; .

this, lixia district is built appoint staff said that the segment culture wall was built in 2010, construction of lixia district urban and rural real estate development company. & other; We have already arranged the construction unit to investigate, if really wrong, is bound to change in a timely manner. Throughout the &;