Jingdong big drum artist died of dong XiangKun warned disciple “than Qian Gui”

2011 dong XiangKun in communities with jingdong big drum

& other; The fiery red sun just mountain, sunglow covered half the sky. Highway through a two people ah, the old man a young & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &; Even the jingdong big drum unclear audience, on hearing this Ceng Guang for circulating “send female college” melody, also can follow hum a few words, its creators and the singer dong XiangKun is national & other; The heritage & throughout; Inheritance. Eleven point three at noon the day before yesterday, the non genetic people died in tianjin, the age of 86. This morning, dong’s cremation, leaving the cadence of singing sound and lasting appeal long drum & hellip; & hellip;

studied modified new wen-pin liu jingdong

in 1927, dong XiangKun was born in tianjin baodi a poor peasant family, then a person of hometown to tianjin city to open the printing office made an apprentice, help NaZhangGui (owner), the children while cooking. NaZhangGui wen-pin liu’s listen to the radio jingdong drums suddenly attracted XiangKun dong, as long as there is an opportunity, he drums to memorize in the heart of melodies and lyrics, gradually learned to a lot of jokes, the basic mode of jingdong big drum to know already by heart. In 1952, with the state-owned enterprises printing workers identity he joined the team, promote amateur theatrical finally mounted the platform of his dream. One day in 1953, radio play his farmer representatives to swim the Soviet union and recording of “marla harvester” just be heard wen-pin liu, hence ask family: & other; Where is the dong XiangKun? He is a good voice, smell, have a lot of development. Throughout the &; In the spring of 1954, dong XiangKun literary performance won the first prize, in tianjin immediately do the word ceremony, officially into the wen-pin liu).

dong XiangKun not only in the inheritance of the older generation artist singing and performing style performance significantly, and development and innovation. Steady his singing simple sincere, energetic, and fully shows the jingdong big drum simple health stall, uninhibited, bright and clear, clear, and has the characteristics of art. In order to make the sort of quyi better reflect the real life, he was also singing to carry on the processing and rich, developed a kind of can adapt to new things & other; Dong sent jingdong big drum & throughout; . Dong XiangKun designed for jingdong big drum common mode such as quarto plate, gold, double soft key, under the cavity, the sound, ti “name, make it relatively fixed; And then to concise GuShu word processing. At the same time he cut down a lot of the old artists sing drum words like to add the water. He has been to the beat of the era of innovation, from his “mandarin” speak “the earth” harmonious know-it-all “and so on a large number of new aria is researched, the theme and the populace life.

service people passes on technique the ze the posterity

dong honor countless life, at the meeting in the 30th anniversary of the stage, in 1982 attains the tianjin culture and city federation of trade unions awarded & other; Workers amateur quyi & throughout; The title, and won the national union activist medal. On June 14, 2010, he was the second stage, to participate in the public arts for the intangible cultural heritage of folk arts, performed a work of the familiar of the people the passage of the journal to send female college, got the audience strong echo. But such an artist, a lifetime never into professional troupes.

yesterday, the reporter interviewed dong sparing NiWanZhu, he explained the reporters in the heart of doubt. & other; Many viewers do not understand, as a student, we can not understand, why don’t you into the formal judicial and master. But then listen to the teacher said, & lsquo; My culture is not high, or after the founding of new China to the tutorial to junior high school degree. This only I have no culture, art level and limited if people into jie, I’m worried about couldn’t keep up with the development of the situation. Throughout the &;

dong thrifty life, NiWanZhu tells a reporter, she is very simple, not a modern furniture in the home, & other; His bed was the old couple with dozens of years; From the home of the round table is string t ji-wen wang; I was sleeping on a wooden bed near the hotel to see the master summer heat, gave him a camp bed, use now as when he was a baby. Throughout the &; Dong XiangKun no artist shelf, no matter to anyone patient counseling, traveled to the learning of jingdong big drum overwhelmed him. NiWanZhu told reporters: & other; Teacher often handle in clubs, cultural palace and residents’ committees jingdong big drum classes, not only without reservation, earns nothing, also printing opern at one’s own expenses to students. He often tells us the disciple is a word: people than Qian Gui, Derby “ecomax”, smashing, our goal. Teacher is not in right now, can be left by the spiritual wealth is worth our life. Throughout the &; Chinese journalists ZhaiYi photography Duan Yi just

intangible business card

jingdong big drum is a kind of with jingdong dialect rap performance of quyi GuShu and GuQu form, the former of jingdong farmers working in the field’s & other; The field & throughout; , the copper, in the form of a person left hand drum stand singing, others hold a three-stringed, dulcimer musical accompaniment. Jingdong big drum about formed in the middle of qing dynasty, mainly in small vocal performances, track is given priority to with book, ever use & other; Big drum & throughout; , & other Potpourri & throughout; , & other LeTing adjusted throughout the &; , & other LeTing drums & throughout; Name & other names such as, 1935; Jingdong big drum & throughout; . In the early 1930 s, tianjin baodi wen-pin liu in tianjin commercial radio for liu case-solving extremely popular, and expand the influence of jingdong big drum, gradually spread to places such as Beijing, hebei, northeast China. In 2006, jingdong big drum in the first batch of state-level non-material cultural heritage list.